Sunday, May 22, 2016

Erin in Thailand

No sooner than Erin left for Thailand did my sweet friend Christa stop by with
a sweet treat and an even sweeter note. What a blessing in my life!
It is not easy being a mama and sending your kids off every which way. 
 Darling Alexa dropped off Erin at SLC airport in the wee hours
of the morning....4am.....and she was off! 

 She is loving life and enjoys teaching English to the
sweet little Thai children. The school is beautiful and
her apartment (with 6 other girls) is just to the right. 

 I love that she mainly made her Thailand Instagram account! haha!

Look at how darling these children are!

Their hair is all matted to their heads, because they have no a/c.
(Well Erin says the school does have a/c, but the head teachers
don't turn it on. Daily temps outside are 105+, with real feel
temps between 120-130 degrees. I can't even imagine what it
feels like inside! Erin's apartment has a/c and they use it!)

About three weeks into her trip, Erin got really sick. She was throwing up
everything and had constant diarrea for three days. Her leader took her to 
the hospital where she spent the next three days getting iv's to get 
hydrated. Finally the diarrea stopped and she was released. 
It was a really scary time for us. We had no idea the care she was 
getting or even what was causing her to be so sick. So... 
 we responded with faith and trust in Christ. My mother heart wanted
to scream WORRY WORRY WORRY, but the spirit whispered 
"everything is going to be ok".
I was not allowed to post the picture she sent of the first day she
was in the hospital. She looked so pale and weak and sick.
 But here we are face-timing the day she got out and that was
a very happy moment! She still needs to regain strength and energy,
but is doing so much better. Love you sweet Erin girl!

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