Tuesday, May 24, 2016

MAY 2016

Hey, hey, it's May! I have a love hate relationship with May. I love that school is
ending and summer is starting up and I don't like that school is ending at the same time.
I love fun, carefree summer days and then I need more structure and helpers.
I love teaching preschool and am always sad to see those sweet little ones
graduate and grow up so darn fast! Crazy month of May!
But I could never get enough of the temple, that's for sure! 
 I was trying to take a picture of this guy across the dinner table
from me and Grace and Zac (from both sides of the table) were
doing everything possible to get in the way. Silly gooses!

♥ Grace made me chocolate dipped strawberries for Mothers Day ♥

 Grace and Livvy lettered in soccer and track (and bball for Liv).
Busy girls. And, whatttt??!! Finishing their Sophomore years!!??

We celebrated by eating at Panda (boys) and Costa Vida (girls).
Thankfully they have shared outdoor seating between their restaurants!

 The blessing of the Zurchers building a house is that they come down every
couple weeks for meetings. Lots of coordinating meetings and choosing colors
and such. Which means one great thing: WE GET ELLIE!!!
 That day we took an impromptu trip to Gunlock to play in the sun,
sand, and water. So fun! Ellie was not a fan of the jetski, but she
loved the paddleboard. 

 Ellie was certain that those two black handles on the paddleboard
were made just for her to hang on to. It was a perfect spot for her!

  We were all getting ready for church and this cute kid just
took Addie right outside to rock and relax. 
We all love Ellie and Addie time and this weekend we also got Livvy time.
Her parents were out of town, so lucky us!! 

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