Saturday, May 21, 2016

April 2016

April brought one of my most favorite times of the year....
General Conference!

 {jeremy might have fallen asleep during GC on Sunday...
hence the marker on his face (family tradition, what can I say!??)}

 Grace and Livvy participated in their first track meet...the high jump.
It was so fun to watch them.

 Addie and Ells came down for the weekend. We are SO happy they are
building a house in Little Valley which brings them down to check on
it and sign papers and such often!! Yay!

 Date night bike ride with my main man.

 Kaleb and Zac had a late night with Legos and movies, 
while Livvy and Grace built a fort on the tramp and watched
movies in the rain. Love these adventurers!

 Mama and George are holding down things in Hawaii really good. 
 Smoothies with our dinner one night. Mmmmm.
 Saying good bye to Sister Dusti Pereira as she heads out to serve
the people in Florida. So very excited and happy for her. 
 I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
 The walls of Erins college room give me insight into her soul.
She's a creative, imaginative, adventurous, beauty of a girl.

 Just gathering the family one by one up north. We tried to kidanp
Spenc to come to lunch with us, but darn that he was at work.

We spent several days at Grandmas house. And we may have
eaten Sunday dinner in the garage (long story!) 

 This kid got a Spencer-inspired haircut. And man alive, does
he ever look handsome. Three years apart and he is almost as
tall as Grace. Almost. We'll check back on that next month...

 And sometimes there are just random Mema pics with Ellie... 

 Seriously, by the looks of all of the pics with Addie and Ellie,
you would think they would have already moved here. Soooon!!
Sisterly bonding time....eyebrow plucking with a headlamp. Haha.
 Breakfast girls and acrobatic moves...

 Getting Erin ready to be a bridesmaid in Amandas wedding, while
the guys spent a lot of time around the table looking at plans, 
backyard ideas and the like. 

 DIRT! This girl loves digging and digging.

 About to send this girl {erin} off to Thailand for four months and my
mama heart is breaking. Boy oh boy it is hard to be a parent!!

 Gardening with Papa.
Funny story....if any of our kids call us "mom" or "dad", Ellie
promptly says, "Her name is Mema, not Mom" Or
"He is Papa! Not Dad!" She is a cutie. Wait until I am her
preschool teacher next year...she's going to be so confused
when everyone calls me Miss Amy!! 

 And of to Thailand she goes. She is going to love it and 
they are going to love her!! LOVE YOU ER-BEAR!

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