Saturday, May 21, 2016

March Madness 2016

We hadn't been to Disneyland in 10+ years so we surprised the kids
with a fun trip. We (JC, me, Grace & Zac) drove down to LA on a 
Wednesday night and got all settled in the hotel. Spenc and Erin flew
down from SLC to LAX super early Thursday morning. That morning we
hit up Disneyland California and had so much fun!
Man alive, did we ever sleep good that night!
Friday we spent the day at Disneyland and hit up every ride possible.
Probably the favorite was Splash Mountain. It was so super fun spending
time with all of us together just playing.
The last day we played hard at Manhattan Beach for the day.
I have no idea how anyone does the Disney parks for more than
two days. It was the perfect amount for us! 







 Boys. Besties. Buds.

 Awesome flowers that look like birds at the hotel. 

 A Manhattan beach day which included Noah's bagels (a must), skimboarding,
boogie boarding, swimming, and keeping warm. It was overcast and a tad chilly.

 We dropped off the two college kids at LAX to fly back to
SLC so they wouldn't miss any college. 

 The Zurcher family left for their Florida / Disneyworld vacation
the week after we got back from our trip. 
 Look at Ellie pulling her traveler!

 Hikes in Zion all day long with the Hintons

 {erin watching us plant the garden...}

 Planting gardens and pretty front porches

 More visits from ♥ Ellie and Addie ♥

 Easter Egg hunts!!

 Girls night out to Womens Conference and Kneaders

 Babuska painted Easter Eggs by Erin

 And Science Fair projects by Kaleb and Zac.
What an awesome month March was!

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