Tuesday, November 10, 2015

College days....August 2015

 And so it begins. Erin packed and packed in preparation for her
move up to Orem to attend UVU. Gahh! This is hard stuff for mama!!
 There was a whole lot of siblingly love going on.
 In honor of Erin we had a "everyone sit like Erin at the dinner table
with one leg up" night. Haha! Love that girl!

 Love these four and Lex & her family, too.
We are lucky parents, I'll tell you that!

 Getting settled into her room at UVU. 
I was lucky enough to drive her up and help get her moved in.
She is so ready for this new adventure!!

 Grace's high school team was playing in some pre-season games
up north the same weekend that the kids moved into their new college apts.
It was a two for one for me! Soccer games and help them move in!

 Plus I got some quality grand-daughter time! So fun seeing the Zurchers. 

 Had to screen shot that one (above) = so Erin!!
And here's the day! Erin's first day of college and me
having to say goodbye :/  See those glossy eyes??
Tears!! Lots and lots of tears!!
Wow! This mom job is tougher than you think! 

 Super cute, long-legged beauty.
Pretty sure she had a date within the first day of being there.
 Spencer drove up on Sunday night and I helped him move in
on Monday. His apartment was not so quality, but it was good by him.
Bowen is his roommate and they have four other guys in their apt.
(three bedrooms, two bathrooms total). He was happy and all 
unpacked and ready for some fun.
 Again....notice the soggy, puffy eyes. Seriously, this mom thing
has me a mess this weekend!! Lotttssss of tears!!! :(

 But I made it home and did fun things, like take all of my
amazing young women to the temple. I could hang out with 
these girls all day long. Such beauties - inside and out.

Some days I feel like this.....

And then I get cute pictures like this...
 which make things alright again.
I am blessed beyond measure with such
an incredible family. I am so very thankful that
we are all so close (in hearts and in miles).
There is no greater gift than family. 

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