Thursday, November 12, 2015

August is for birthdays!

Hey, hey!! August is a happy month, because it's birthday month!!!
Gracie turns 15 and Zac turns 12 - on the same exact day!! 
Fresh out of bed for some cinnamon rolls!

Love that these two share a birthday, too!
Alivia and Grace 

Grace jokingly told me that I should do "cupcake wars" for their birthday.
So I jumped in a did it! We had fluffy vanilla cupcakes with buttercream
frosting, a vanilla cupcake infused with brownie and chocolate frosting with
birthday sprinkles, and a vanilla / brownie swirl cupcake with chocolate
frosting and vanilla swirls and chocolate chips. 
Seriously, they were all pretty tasty!!
Happy 12th birthday Zac and 15th birthday Grace!

Then it was off to the high school soccer game to watch
these two birthday girls play! So much fun!

Enjoy getting random pics from the college kids.
Looks like Woody went to college with Spenc!
Ellie went to pay a visit to Erin at college :)
Lovin college life!

We celebrated birthdays family style this year -
with the Hinton family. It was a great day at Sand Hollow.
We rented kayaks and paddleboards and had a blast!!
Happy Birthday you three!!!

And every once in awhile you have to have a random selfie!
a favorite....
Family night activity: we bought a new grill for Jeremy!
Trips up north in an 8 seater vehicle now look like this....
lots and lots of room to spread out and chill!
Love cuddling this baby girl. She is such a gem!

Stopped in to check on the college boys at BYU. 

Love that soccer season has started! We have home games every
Tuesday night and away games every Thursday night. They both play
JV and Varsity and it's so much fun to watch them on the field!

 Wel-ome Home Sam!!!
So fun welcoming home Elder Fisher! The YW loved it!
It's always good to have an activity that is chill.

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Halie Ferguson said...

It is so crazy to see Spencer at Glenwood! Jason and I met there at those good ol apartments:) and your kids are getting so big!