Sunday, November 8, 2015

2015 Summer Fun continued...

 Trying for some more family fun times before Spenc and Erin
head off to college. Zeppes is a favorite!

 Brenden and Spenc were finally reunited after 2+ years!
Welcome home Elder Truman
 I enlisted the kids to each plan and make dinner one night a week.
Spencer chose waffle bar and he did a great job. 
It was dinner and dessert all mixed into one. So good!

 Erin got her wisdom teeth out at the end of July and recovered
in the playroom with lots of meds and movies for the weekend.
It was nice to be able to take care of her!
My mother heart takes it hard when they start to move out....
Getting pictures like these on my phone always make my day!
Love you Ellie girl!!
 Grandpa / JC is pretty good at getting a good snooze in on Sunday ;)
He deserves it after the mannny hours he works each week!
 We were so happy when the Zurchers came down for the
weekend in August. They were apparently all sleep deprived,
so they did a catch-up one day as well! Synchronized sleeping!

I screen shot pics and quotes that I like.
This one was a good one.
We all have our less than stellar moments / days!

LOVE Alexa's weekly Sunday reminders.
I look forward to them every single week. 
 Family Night activity....feeding each other ice cream blindfolded.
It was hilarious!!! So much fun!

 Grace tried out for the High School soccer team 
and made it of course. Defender #9 SCHS

 The first day of school came up quick for these two.
Zac - 6th grade Lava Ridge Intermediate.
He rides his bike and leaves at 7:25am every morning.
He arrives home about 2:10pm each day.
 Grace is a sophomore / 10th grade at Snow Canyon High School.
She car pools rides with Livvy. They leave at 8am every morning.
Soccer practices or games (T/TH) every day after school,
so she is home between 6pm and 9:30pm (game days).
Long days for sure, but she loves it!

 Love all of the many beautiful girls in my life!
Addie is just such a dream!

 Lady Warrior defender Grace Call made it in the paper!

On one of her last nights here before heading off to college,
she had a sleepover in the backyard with the stars. 
She is such our nature lover and is so content and calm at
at peace when she is outdoors. LOVE YOU ER BEAR!

(coming adventures!)

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