Saturday, November 7, 2015

A whole lotta summer fun! 2015

It was so fun having Spenc home from his mission! He got a job landscaping and
was gone everyday from 5:30am - about 3pm. He worked hard! 

 Erin went on a three week adventure with Hailey (aka partner in crime)
to Ireland, London, and Iceland. The stories & photos they have shared
have been amazing! These two know how to travel!!

 Spenc came home pretty darn dirty every day!
Erin still kept her job lifeguarding and teaching swimming 
lessons throughout the summer (or what part of the summer she was here for!)

 Lots of fun sibling game times!
Erin flew off to Washington earlier than the rest of the gang to
spend some quality cousin & Gram time.
 In the mean time, we all dressed up like cows to get free meals
at Chick-fil-a! We headed up north to watch Ellie while baby
sister was being born!

 Love that sweet little Addison Olivia!
She is the perfect addition to the Zurcher family. 
Such a gem! 

 Ellie was a very good after dinner helper..... ;)

 Ha! I promise Jeremy was there with us!
(why do I not have a photo!!?)
 Jeremy flew up to Washington with Spenc, Grace and Zac.
What a fun family reunion for them with all of the cousins.
I stayed another week to help with the girls. 
It was so much fun!

 I would get random photos and updates of the fun the
Washington clan was having. Beautiful weather for sure!!

 Miss this guy, but glad he is adventuring!!

 I took Ellie to eat at Zuppas a couple of times and she loved
the chocolate dipped girl :)

 Inbetween all of their fun, we were having lots of fun as well!

 We are seriously the biggest babies when we have to say goodbye
or when we even *think* of having to say goodbye....
this was the night before I had to head home...

 It was such a blessing being able to stay with their sweet family
and help in any way I could. Brian is a gem and such a wonderful
father and husband. Lex is an incredible mother to two beautiful
girls. Ellie is such an energetic ball of energy, filled with lots and lots
of sweet loves for her new baby sister. And Addie is just fresh from 
heaven and rarely made a peep! What a treasure this week was for me!
Summer fun 2015 to be continued....

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Alexa Zurcher said...

I LOVED looking through all these photos. What a fun summer we had! Thanks for spending it with us. :) We LOVED having you here, you're the best! Love you! xoox