Friday, June 26, 2015

Girls Camp 2015

For two consecutive years, I was Stake Girls Camp Director. {2013 here} 
{Girls Camp t-shirt tips here} {2012 Girls Camp here} I loved every (hard-earned) minute of it!!
For the following two years, I have been able to go as a YW leader (much less stress!). 
{2014 here} and 2015 coming right up! I have loved my four years at girls camp and 
wouldn't trade it for anything. This year included!

 This year I was asked to be in charge of camp decorations and one meal.
Yessss! Good thing I am related / birthed the amazing Alexa!!
One word to her on colors, quotes, and ideas and she had them ready to print!
I grabbed some jars and frames from around the house and spruced them
up with the prints from Alexa. I also made 5 triangle banners out of burlap,
lace, and camo. Our camp theme was "We are all Enlisted". So much fun!

 We were up at camp Wednesday thru Saturday. Every minute was
filled with tons of fun! We had a total of 14 young women - ages 12 - 17.
We also had 5 young women leaders, and boy did we ever have fun!!

 The girls all took turns helping to cook and clean up the kitchen.
We ate so good!! French toast, strawberries, whip cream, syrup,
juice and milk one morning. Pancakes, eggs and bacon another.

 The YW loved the decorations and were certain that our campsite was the cutest!
They also helped put them all up. I'm telling you, our young women rock!!

 Below left is the amazing Heather - our camp director. Her mom is above right.
What fun to have them both at camp. Heather was so prepared, did all of the
planning, shopping, organizing and packing. Talk about Wonder Woman!
Camp was amazing because of her many efforts.
Lori is to the left of Colleen (above) and is the most amazing
YW President! I am so lucky that I get to serve with her!

 The second morning at camp we all headed down to participate
in certification activities involving first aid, starting fires, learning how
to use compasses, water purification and other amazing things. 
These girls are learning amazing things!!

 It was fun to walk through camp and find painted signs that my girls
made years back when I was Stake Camp director!
It was also fun to see girls from all over our neighborhood!

 Lots of certification going on!!

 Rebecca and Deni were awesome at organizing camp and
basically doing all of the other leaders kitchen assignments!!
Thanks you two!!

 That afternoon we made 85 candy necklaces out of saran wrap, candies, and
curly ribbon for all of the fathers at church. Our plan was to give them
to all of the dads, grandpas, uncles, etc at church on Sunday. We had
a good sized production line going for a long time! 
Many hands make light work!
Sorry you're sideways Wrigley ladies!! 

 Delicious healthy meals - this one is make your own sub sandwich,
chicken salad, watermelon, grapes, chips, salsa, and lots of veggies.
Just what I love to eat!!

 Can't forget eating left-over fetuccini alfredo for lunch!

 It gets tired feeding 20 people every meal - this is a well deserved
nap for Deni!! :) Gotcha!!

 That afternoon our girls made amazing safety pin bracelets.
It took a lot of time and patience, but they turned out amazing!!

 Our gorgeous camp director (above)
and Lori giving Deni an awesome back rub!

 Several other wards (9 total camping in our Stake) had the same idea
that we did: bring up a secret treat for each ward at camp. We were the
recipients of many treats and kind gifts! Our girls had fun dropping off
the treats we brought for each campsite as well!!

 These are the cute t-shirts we each got. The pictures are to remind us
to serve with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength!
Our awesome Stake YW leaders! 
Love them all so much!

 Every once in awhile I caught a leader catching a quick snooze,
but believe me - it was always quick! (and much needed!!)

 I finally learned how to play Werewolf!! The young women have
played it every year at camp and I finally had the time to sit down and
actually learn how to play. It was soooo much fun!

 Bracelets made!!
 Deni seriously quadrupled as the camp chef, camp nurse, camp
mechanic and camp-go-to-her-for-anything!
Of course a trip wouldn't be exciting without a little car trouble...

 Footie pajamas were so in and so needed this year.
It was so cold at night, but the days were beautiful!
 One evening the young women took a plate of homemade cookies that
we brought up to the elderly missionary couple who were in charge of
the girls camp. They were so thankful and we were so happy to share!

 Grace and Livvy started out the week at UVU soccer camp, but ended
the week at girls camp with all of us. It was so fun to have them!

 Friday morning we went to a series of fun activities, including
a climbing wall, an obstacle course, Captains Call (such a FUN game!)
and making fathers day cards. Each station was so engaging!

 Again, I loved seeing the signs my girls had made.
And I loved this dedicated monument to girls camp.
So powerful!

 Rock painting! Loved it!

 The bishopric came up Friday night and brought dinner - Cafe Rio!
It was so fun to have them up on the mountain with us and the
dinner they brought was delicious! Thank you Brother Thorkelson,
Bishop Rogers, and Brother Call! We love you!

 After the evening program we all snuggled up in our sweats and grabbed
our blankets for testimony night. It was so amazing to hear each and every one
of these sweet young women and leaders choose to share their testimony of
what they believe and how they have felt at camp. We are so blessed!!

Saturday morning we packed up bright and early. The girls were
all so good at putting down their own tents and pitching in.
On our way down the mountain we had to pull over for the sheeeep!
Beep beep little sheep!! It was so amazing to see all of these sheep!
{we also had to pull over about ten more times for my disabled
car, but we did make it home safe and sound!}



Janka Toronyi said...

Oh my goodness, how fun! I'm amazed by Alexa's designs, seriously, so talented!

Janka Toronyi said...

Also, in the blog post about 2012 girls camp, on the first group photo, is that Sister Alice Steel (second from the left, in the baseball cap)? I'm not 100% positive, but if so, then what an itty-bitty world it is? She and Brother Steel served as senior missionaries here, and returned a few months ago!

larajanepark said...

You work miracles every single day sister. I'm so proud of you! xoxox love Lara