Monday, June 22, 2015

Heyyyy! He's home!!!

June 22, 2015

I can't believe he has been home officially for one month now!! What a fun month it has been! Erins graduation day was followed by Spencers return date. It was a busy Friday, cleaning, preparing, cooking, decorating and such for his return. (erin was asleep most of the day as she was out all night at Grad Night). We were all soooooooooooo excited and could hardly wait for that night! His plane was due to arrive at 11pm, so we were sure to head out at 9:30pm to be on time!
 The whole town was getting ready for his return. Dutchmans had their sign ready, 
as did Bart and Deni Fisher.
 Time was just creeping by come 7pm ish, so Lex and I made a quick trip to Christensens
to pick up Jer some new shoes...and maybe a few other things..

 The Fishers decorated their house and we got our house all ready as well...

 Can you tell that Gramma Cindy made her own welcome home sign?? Aloha!!

 Freshly baked peanut butter cookies for the kid.

 Seriously this was one of the best nights ever!! He and Elder Reese came RUNNING off that
airplane (#2 and #3 passengers!) and ran right to their mama's for a GIGANTIC hug. 
It was purely amazing!! My friend has the video, I'm going to have to work on getting that! 

 It was just pure joy seeing him and hugging him! We had SO many neighborhood and ward family 
members there to welcome him home. Lex has that group photo, I'll have to get that one as well!
It was simply a day filled with joy and happiness and rejoicing!
One the way home he had one request - Taco Bell. Ha, so we hit up the drive through.
We placed a good sized order (midnight snack)...and after taking our entire order the sweet girl
told us, "I'm sorry we are out of meat", and proceeded to cancel our entire order - except
the one lone bean burrito. It was really funny!!
{you can head over here for some more great "Elder Calls HOME!" photos!}

 We got home and he unloaded treats and treasures and missionary things.
It was just so fun to have him home! He was teasing the kids and just like the Spenc 
we knew and loved! Still do!!
 The next morning he was released as a full time missionary. It was a very tender 
morning and especially tender as he took off his name tag. What a great missionary
he was and will always continue to be! When we got home we all made waffles together -
or as Ellie says, we made "cake". Mmmmm! Apparently batter is best!! 

 I can't even remember what we were all watching, but it was definitely funny and it was
fun to have everyone together laughing away!

 Saturday afternoon we all hiked Anasazi trail. It was fun to be together and 
enjoy being outside. Spenc was teasing up a storm and I know all the kids loved it. Haha!

 We hit up Cafe Rio for dinner and just enjoyed our visits!

 It was so fun having Gramma Cindy here with us for the week. 
What a great time welcoming Spenc home with all of us together!

 Spenc had to get in some quality Ellie time, since the first few days he was
home she called him "scary guy". Ha. Poor Spenc. But he did win
her over with the hose and the trampoline one morning before breakfast.  

We spent another day shopping to clothe this kid and boy was it a long day!
I think his wardrobe should last him a long time!! 
Thursday we decided to head over to Sand Hollow for the afternoon.
It was a gorgeous day and the red sand with the blue skies was priceless.
It was great to all be together and just relax! 

 faces like these just come naturally....


 Friday night we headed over to the new Red rock park over by Dixie Rock.
We had a great stroll around the park and then we enjoyed the swing together
and visited the night away. I love my family!!!

The first week having Spenc home was awesome!!
Next up...our family camping trip and more amazing fun!!

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