Thursday, May 21, 2015

You did it!!

 Happy graduation day to this gorgeous, spunky, fun, loving, adventurous,
happy, spur of the moment kid of ours!! We are so proud of you Erin!!
You graduated with an incredible GPA 4.0 (cumulative 3.9), were accepted
into every college in the State of Utah (now if you could just decide on one)
and received maannny scholarships for your overall amazingness.
 Life wouldn't be the same without your quick wit and love of life.
You've worked hard, you've played hard, and you've completed high school!
So proud of you and all that you've done. Can't wait to see where life takes
you (or more like: where you take life!) We're blessed to be your parents, brothers and sisters!


1 comment:

Lisa Henry said...

Crossing my fingers she chooses BYU - so she can date my Spencer after his mission ;)