Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Call Family Camping Trip 2015 : Carlsbad, CA

entire family. 7 hour drive. on the road again. carlsbad campground. ocean view. boogie boarding.
swimming. waves can't catch me. family time. s'mores. tin foil dinners. tents. bike rides.
firewood. tokens for showers. sandcastles. toes in the sand. three flights of stairs to the beach.
the camping doggie. oceanside pier. rubys milkshakes. pelicans. sunsets. sunrises. Target. 
ds games. nintendogs. birthday girl. freshly made donuts. lanterns. blessings. ibuprofen. tylenol.
fence for a clothesline. breakfast burritos. roasting hot dogs. watermelon. signing up for byu classes.
possibly ruining the laptop forever. 2 minute showers. 4 minute showers. entire family.
sand. sunshine. waves. best trip ever. best family ever.
{ps excuse my mainly-old-iphone-photos. for better quality pics of this great
trip head over here!}


amazing memories. the end.

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Purposely at Home said...

AW! what FUN memories. the pictures in target are my favorite. :)