Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Erin Graduated!

I realized that I blogged all about Erins amazing graduation day....but not the actual event. Her Young Womens leader dropped off treats, relish tray and flowers all in honor of Erins day! We spent the morning / early afternoon putting up some rad decorations. I had developed a bunch of photos of Erin throughout her life and hung them all up with clothespins like a clothesline. It was so fun to see all of her spunky faces - and for her to re-create some of those faces. Then it was off to Dixie College Burns Arena for the actual graduation. Erin was the life of the party. She was pictured in the newspaper the next day several times - who could resist her spunk, happy, party faces!!? It was such a fun day celebrating her!! Congrats on your graduation Erin!! 2015 looks good on you!


We love you so much Erin! Thank you for sharing your contagious smile, laughter, and love of life/adventure with all of us. We are so lucky to have you in our family!!

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Purposely at Home said...

yayyyyy! congrats, erin. loving your yellow dress!