Friday, January 16, 2015

My little red squareback

My parents had just divorced when I started to drive.
My older sister and I were "gifted" the red vw bug as a result of the divorce.
We shared it for awhile. And when I say "shared" I think I meant "argued". haha.
Due to the amount of sharing arguing we did ;)
we decided to sell that little red vw bug.
We shared the profits, $500 each.

With that, along with some of my own money, I purchased my very own car.
It was a 1972 red Volkswagen Squareback.
Two years newer than I was.
I paid $750 cash for it.
I also paid my for my own insurance and gas from then on.
This photo isn't my exact car. My car had a funny, green monster sticker
in the back side window. It was a crack up!

As our kids have reached the magic age that allows them to drive,
we have provided a "family car" for them to drive.
We have a few family rules (besides the basic-no-brianer driving rules)
which include:
**no cell phones while driving. no way. nada. The kids know I am
dead serious when I tell them that I have a network of moms in the 
neighborhood who have eyes when I'm not there. We all look after each
other. After all, it takes a village, right??!
**please follow the laws of the land. If you choose not to, you will suffer
the consequences of the land. And of your parents. Our rule has been and
always will be this: If you receive a ticket due to disobeying traffic laws or
if you are in a car accident deemed your fault, you are now in charge of
paying your own car insurance. Forever.
So far (knock on wood) not one of our children have received a ticket.
Or been in a car accident that was their fault.
Pulled over? Yes (won't name which one)
Accidents? Yes (won't name which two, but it was not their faults)

It has been a great rule in our house and we are planning on keeping it.
I paid for my own car, insurance, and gas from the time I was 16 and 3 months old.
I think they are actually getting a pretty good deal, don't you??


Pear Girl said...

that is such a cute red car! I would take that car any day, and for $750?! HECK yeah! I like the obey laws of the land rules too haha! xoxoxo

Lynda said...

oh that little red squareback !!!! :)

larajanepark said...

Oh the memories you made in that car! I was seriously just thinking about it on Sunday (not because I'd seen one, I almost NEVER see a VW squareback!!) because I saw a gorgeous convertible Karmann Ghia! It was ORANGE and in spiffy condition. I used that moment to tell Wayne all about Jeremy's KG that he was always working on in the CALL driveway in Walnut Creek. I said, "Jeremy Call can take apart a VW engine and put it back together again like nobody's business!" I also took some pictures with my iphone, I'll text one to you! Love the memory post, you should do some more- with pictures of you and Jeremy when you were kids! xoxoxox