Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

Great minds think alike.
I was up early this morning and decided to blog about Christmas.
And the most awesome part was when I turned on my computer,
I saw this. And how she started, is exactly how I was going to start my blog.

About 2 weeks before Christmas I loaded up on Vitamin C at Costco. I bought a ton of the "emergency" vitamin c drink packets and a hundred million vitamin c chewables. We were not going to get sick this year!! And despite the fact that both Lex and Ellie caught the miserable Influenza A, I really think that our loading up (6000% of our daily needed Vitamin C) really did help the rest of us. The doctor said that we would ALL get the flu. For sure. And it would last two weeks. Yup, two weeks. Oh the misery. But he added in that Vitamin C (and zinc) can inhibit the mucus receptors (of our nose/mouth) from getting the flu. And guess what? Our vitamin C overloads really did work. We all got some symptoms (achy, or waaaay tired, or sore throat, etc) - but all the rest of us never did (cross our fingers / knock on wood) get the full blown flu like Lex and Ellie.

You could ask Brian how many movies we watched in those 9 days they were miserable sick here. And by the way. Brian is a rock star. He totalllly took care of Lex and Ellie like a champ. He was up in the night refilling medicine for both of them. He took care of their every need. And didn't do it grudgingly or slow - he had a hop in his step and was so happy to take care of them. It was so awesome. We had to kick him out one day to go golfing - he needed and deserved a day off!!

Aside from the sickies, we did enjoy Christmas. Some of our favorite Christmas traditions include: making gingerbread houses, seeing the lights at the temple, Christmas movies (While You Were Sleeping {I HAVE to watch this while wrapping presents!}, Home Alone, Christmas Story, Christmas with the Kranks, etc), driving around the neighborhood looking at lights, acting out the Nativity, Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, throwing oatmeal all. over. the front yard for the reindeer, pajamas from our awesome neighbors (Pajama Gramma & Gpa!), all of the kids sleeping in the same room Christmas Eve, getting up at 7:15am Christmas morning, opening stockings first, then their Santa present, then letting Dad pass out gifts one at a time. It took us about 2 hours this Christmas and it was so nice!

 Zac made a "Y" gingerbread house, while Grace was all about a cool tower.
 I was accused all night long of "favortizing" Spencer, because I made my
gingerbread house Canadian style. I told the kids if they were the ones gone
on a mission, to college, etc.. then I would favortize them. Ha. It was a 
good joke all night long. And "favortizing" is now in our family vocabulary.

 Erin was all about the teepee and did a great job!
 Jeremy's is something new and cool every year. Total architect!
 We had an awesome Family Night with the Mortensens. Met them for dinner and lots of
visiting. We sure love them! Then we had a nice walk around the temple. It was a perfect night!
  Lynda, this picture below is for you : for your two Elder Spencers!!

Christmas dinner was homemade and so delicious. The only thing we were missing was our
amazing neighbors. They decided not to come, because Lex and Ellie were still sick and they
didn't want to risk it. I don't blame them!

 Our house is perfectly perfect. It fits us, sometimes kinda squishy like, but it is filled to
the brim with love. Wouldn't have it any other way!

 Getting ready to go sing Chritmas Carols to our neighbor Jean.

 Pajama Gramma and Gpa brought over.....pajamas!!!

 Can't let those reindeer go hungry!! Oatmeal everywhere!!
 He is the reason for the season. 
 Tradition is that we paint and put up a poster behind us for Elder Call to see while we are 
skyping him. Then later we write all over it and mail it to him! We love you Elder Call!!

 Christmas morning brought nerf guns and iphones. 
Yes, we are finally a smart family!

 Spencer mailed some Canadian hats, so we all had fun wearing them all day!

Best Christmas present ever was skyping this boy for 45 minutes!! LOVED IT!!
He looks happy and healthy. I asked him if he would be ready to come home in
five months. And he replied, "Home? I am home!" HE LOVES CANADA!!!

 {yay that we have Brian to set it all up on the big screen!}

 Love and miss that boy so much!!! FIVE MORE MONTHS!!!
The next day we take down the poster that we made for Elder Call to see while we were skyping
and we all write notes and draw pictures all over it. Then we pop it in the mail 
(about $9 in shipping to Canada) and send him all of our love! 

 Ellie loved carrying around Zac's little nerf gun so she could be like him! {sorry Lex!}

Although it wasn't the most healthy Christmas,
it was perfect. We were all together - even Spenc via skype.
And a mom can't ask for a better gift than that!
Merry Christmas!!


Lisa Henry said...

You are the most beautiful family and have such fun ideas! Your house is always so darling, and that granddaughter, you could just eat her up with kisses! =)

Lynda said...

well if this really isn't the most perfect Chrsitmas I don't know what is ...I want to have Christmas at the Call's !!! totally can feel the LOVE

larajanepark said...

I love your Christmas Story! So SORRY you were all sick, but so glad you had everybody with you, even Spencer bless his heart! xoxox

Pear Girl said...

I love it all! And I love that you always add so many pictures, it's so great to see so many candid shots and everyone hanging out! Love you guys!!!