Sunday, November 16, 2014

Seattle. Five Generations of crazy. Crazy love!

Spur of the moment. Random. Awesome.
Sometimes that's just what you gotta do!
Alexa, Ellie, Zac, and I bought plane tickets and flew up to Seattle
for the weekend. It was a whirlwind trip, but let me tell you,
we are pros at packing a ton of fun into a short amount of time. 
This trip included airplanes, trams, trains, ferrys, cars, 
Zac's first time on a plane and getting to be the "captain!"
keeping warm by the fire, badminton tournaments, pinecones,
swinging, petting horses, reading in the hammock, writing on
the unfinished walls, s'mores, ice cream cones, Frog Rock, 
Faye Bainbridge State Park, Grandma and Grandpa George,
Aunt Lisa, a five generation picture taken with Mimi, donuts
from Sluy's bakery, walking the quaint little town, lunch together
at JJ's, skipping rocks, searching for seashells, playing checkers,
painting boards, watching Ellie do "taaa-daaa, thank you!!"
and so much more! It was an amazing trip, so glad we got to go!
Plus the weather was to die for warm and sunny.
Our visit was nothing short of perfect.
Love you so much amazing family of mine!!

And coming home to this awesome WELCOME HOME poster!


larajanepark said...

I love love love this post. EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT IT!!! xoxoxox

Pear Girl said...

ME TOO! I love anything and everything about Washington and this trip is fabulous and all the pictures! AH can't wait to go back with YOU GUYS :):)