Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Halloween 2014

 Pumpkin carving is a must do! 

 haha, trying to be super serious in this one:

Grace and Alivia went as missionary companions to school.
 I went as a cowgirl to round up all those preschoolers!

 Zac went as the go-green recycle guy. His costume was awesome!

 Erin went as a Jedi from Star Wars.
 And for posterity's sake I took a whole bunch of selfies so my grandkids and
their kids could see that we come from a long line of crazies!! haha!

 Zac and Ashlynn went trick or treating together, like always!

Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays, but it turned out great.
We got to go to our dear friends 50th birthday party earlier in the evening, 
which is what made the day so wonderful. Good friends make life awesome!
And we are sure blessed with the best friends!!
Now on to my favorite, thanksgiving!!
 Photo credit goes to: alexa!

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mks said...

Thanks for sharing your blog! Your family is just darling! Have a happy December.