Sunday, October 12, 2014

The good chills

I had the opportunity to watch this today again and again and again. And again.
The music alone is so amazing, but pair it with the video and the spirit is SO strong.

Side note: I remember being in high school, hanging out with my best friend Lynda.
We were singing a hymn one day at church. I felt the good "chills" running through
my body. It felt so warm. So tingly. So right.

The next day I passed her a note in class in high school. It told her how I felt when I
was singing. The good chills. The lovely feeling. The calmness. It felt so pure.

And she wrote me back. She testified to me that those feelings were the Holy Spirit
testifying to me of the truth of the things I was singing (It was a beautiful song about
the Savior). She shared her beautiful testimony with me.

And every time I feel the good "chills", I know without a doubt that it is the Holy
Ghost testifying or telling me that the feelings I am having are feelings of truth.
Feelings of home. Feelings of peace.

Thank you for teaching me my dear friend. I love you always!

Here's the movie that will undoubtingly give you the "good chills"!
PS The mom and daughter in this video who are "arguing"  - the mom is my friend from college
and that is her daughter in the movie.

I know that my Savior loves me!

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