Monday, August 11, 2014

Homemade cinnamon rolls can only mean one thing...

First day of school, today! As in, as I type, they are all at school. That makes me sad!
 I truly miss having my kids gone all. day. long.

 We always have homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, frosting on the side to put on yourself.
 Miss Grace had to leave by 7:20am. She's on the student council (hence the
Student Council outfit) and had to be there early to help out. She's still
sporting that lovely boot... Can't believe she is in 9th grade!! Freshman!!
 She has soccer practice every day after school, so she won't be home until 5pm
every day, (unless it's game day). 8am to 5pm! That's a long day!

 Zac hopped in these pic's with Grace (minus his hair done!). I'm pretty sure my kids are
programmed to only take a normal photo or two before they bust out their moves.
 Couldn't resist getting a photo of these two Student Council members...
 Not long after Grace left, Erin - our amazing Senior - was ready to go!
Her new eye-ball shirt and shiny salt waters look awesome.
 The fifth grader tennis shoes up against the senior sandals. 
That kid has some huge feet for an almost 11 year old!

 Spencer would be proud of their crazy moves!

 Every morning at 8am she heads out. Typically Grace heads out with her. 
This week and next week she works every single day after school, 3pm - 10:30pm.
And a Saturday shift. That's 40+ hours each week, plus school full time.
I'm not sure that's even allowed at her age!!!
 Sometimes Zac rides his scooter or bike, but today he got a lift. 8:40am he was ready to head out!
 He is starting the 5th grade, which means that this is his last first day of elementary school!
I requested a selfie with him and was allowed only one!
Ha, so this is what we got!
I sure love our kids! I miss them lots, but know that school is a great place for them to be.
I start preschool next week. We added a class this year, so it's four days a week for me.
I'm going to enjoy this week, that's for sure!

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Alexa Zurcher said...

Ahhh back to school. I can almost small the cinnamon rolls! I remember hardly sleeping the night before and coming home with far too much to say! Haha :) love you all!