Friday, August 1, 2014


Are you a saver? All that cute stuff that you just can't part with?
Grace is almost 14 and Zac is almost 11 and I still have these!
Well, finally they got tossed, but not before I took photos to keep forever...

 They used to be up on the art-memorial-wall in my laundry room.
 But I have been in super clean out mode around here.
{thank you alexa for the inspiration to get things cleaned up around here!}
Here's another gem. It's not that I love the craft, I love what this flower represents.
When we first moved to Bountiful, I was longing for friends.
{picture young, shy mom of three little kids}
So I made myself sign up for this craft at church that same Sunday.
And I went to it. And I met new ladies, some of who became great friends.
So this flower (that is now on it's way to the DI), represents my
reaching out, blooming in new circumstances, and trying hard to fit in!
{but a photo will do for memories!}
 With some cleaning, re-organizing and furniture moving I transformed
our dining room into this:
 It feels peaceful and calm and bigger.
Did I mention that 14 months after Spenc has been gone that I finally
took one of the leaves out of the table? Silly me!
That night I got to go with these amazing young women to the
St George Temple. We watched "Pioneer Miracles" and "John Hancock".
Both were amazing! We saw the statue of Christ and walked out by the temple.
Again, I love the temple and the peace that is always felt there! 

  A last little picture of my new dining area.
I wasn't good to take before and after photos though!
The little stool used to be tall, but I had Jeremy cut it down to fit.
It was also wood color, and I spruced it up with some turquoise spray paint.
We have had that stool from Bountiful as well!
It was fun sprucing things up around here, and again,
special thanks to Alexa for the inspiration!

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Lynda said...

your home is so darling !! you have inspired me too :) time to clean and organize and I suppose I should take out a leaf in my table as well !!