Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hope you're having a BALL on your MISSION Elder Call!

Dear Elder Call,
We love our emails every week, but we also enjoy writing you, too! While the family was in town last week, I knew we all needed to write, or make a poster, or something fun! Just so happens that I ran into a couple of beach balls in the swim bag the other day. So this idea popped into my head:
 We each wrote a letter on one section of the beach ball. Elder Madsen (Elder Call's companion) is heading home at the next transfer, so we wrote him a letter on a beach ball, too. It was super fun, especially since we know that they are having a BALL on their mission in Canada!! 
 Ellie did a great job coloring her section. She's a little artist, I tell ya! 
  They turned out super cute!
 Zac had a little helper while he was trying to write his letter ;)
We deflated them (be careful not to handle them too much, even with Sharpie marker it starts
to fade off a bit), and got them ready to mail.
Total cost:
Beach Balls $.50 cents each
Mailing envelope: $1.29
Postage to Canada: $12.56
Sending something fun to Elder Call: Priceless!
We love you Elder Call! We miss you tons, but know that you are so happy and helping
so many people in their lives. We are so thankful that you have been able to serve with 
Elder Madsen since May. You two have become fast friends, for which I am so grateful!
Keep on having a ball in Canada, eh?

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Cindy Sharkey said...

We love love love you Elder Spencer Call