Monday, June 23, 2014

I saved you $300 today

The conversation with my husband earlier today went like this:

{me} "Honey, I saved you $300 dollars today!"
{him} "Really? (insert sarcastic laugh here - which really means, "How much did you really spend today?")
{me} "No, really. I saved you $300. I didn't even go shopping. I just flat out saved you $300."
{him} "Wow! How'd you do that?"
{me} "I refrained from throwing the frying pan through the kitchen window this morning."
{him} "Niiiice. Glad you refrained." (somewhat puzzled)

So maybe you guessed it. PMS is in full swing today. I'm so serious when I say that one day out of the month, it seriously feels like HOT LAVA is flowing through my blood. It's the ONLY time I feel like getting a cold diet coke (but being that I gave them up in Feb of 2012 and have not had one since then, I'm not going back). But instead of giving in to the hot lava. And the frustration. And diet coke. And the random tears. And the feelings of explosiveness. I just set that little frying pan back in the sink and let it be.

So there you go PMS. You didn't win. I did. But it wasn't easy.


larajanepark said...

oh. my. you are SO MY SISTER. Only I don't get too close to frying pans these days (all that out to dinner saves my loved ones from death by flyingfryingpan), but I'll tell ya, I came *THIS* close to throwing the computer mouse at a poor work colleague on Friday :)

Alexa Zurcher said...

Hahahahaha I don't know how I missed this post!!! Love it.