Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Girls Camp Shaa Boom

Last week I got to spend the week with these amazing leaders and young women - Erin and Grace included. We camped atop of Beaver Mountain.
We survived snow, wind, dirt / dust, freezing cold temps, and many other fun adventures!
 We set up tents together, cooked together (thanks to our three amazing camp directors), played together, and had so much fun!
 Delanie wrote out skit for us! It was all about 'Who's your ANCHOR??' The girls did a great job!
Every day we were up bright and early (usually 6ish for the leaders and 7ish for the YW). We would get ready, make our lunches,
eat our breakfast and head out for the day. We had morning activities, a break for lunch and then afternoon activities.
We didn't get back to our campsite until around 4 or 5pm each day. It was so busy, but also so much fun!

 Our activities Wednesday were Battle Creek (think foam swords and Capture the Flag) and Rappelling. The girls loved both of them!
 The rappelling and climbing were so fun. So many girls were so brave. It was a fun day, but a HUGE long, uphill both ways (no joke!)
hike into and out of rappelling. We were going to sleep good that night!

Our theme for Girls Camp 2014 was "Who is your ANCHOR?". The Stake leaders also gave us each a darling bracelet with a silver anchor on it.
We talked all week about attributes of Christ (who is our anchor!). We practiced such attributes as patience, obedience, knowledge, charity, love, faith, and virtue.
Girls Camp t-shirt modeled by Dusti and Susana above!

 That night we went to Singing to the Heavens, where each ward (in the dark) turned on their flashlights and sang the song they had prepared.
Although it was freeeeeezing outside, it was a very spiritual experience.
Wednesday morning we set out for a whole new set of adventures! We all mountain biked down Eld Meadows Ski Resort. It was so fun!
Most of the girls and leaders went. You could go as fast {erin} or as slow {me} as you wanted! It was fun doing hard things all week long.

 Here is a photo of Susana after her epic crash onto a pine bush with her bike. Poor girl missed the turn and ended up going
over the path right into a bush. She was a trooper and survived!

 After we got to the bottom of the run, a shuttle picked us and our bikes up to bring us back to the lodge.
 Here are the three amigos, ready to go again. And again! They loved it!
 The rest of the gang ate our lunches in the clean lodge - and enjoyed **flushing** toilets! What a treat!
We had plenty of game time and visiting time. It was such a fun morning!

 Our three awesome camp leaders: Leina, Kellie, and Lindsey!

 After mountain biking, we got to go to the shooting range. We each shot five rounds on a 22 rifle. Then two rounds on a shotgun, with quite a kick back!
We also got to do knife throwing and archery. It was a fun day to do things that we don't normally do. {it was also my first time shooting a gun. ever.}

 We got back to camp around 3pm that day which gave us plenty of time for crafts.
Lindsey had a darling wood craft the girls could paint and decorate. They all loved it.
 Kristen brought bracelet making materials. And all of the leaders brought yummy snacks to share.
It was a fun, much needed, relaxing afternoon.

 {these three are possibly making snipe hunt plans!}
 That night was spiritual night. We all met together and learned about 8 women from the scriptures.
We learned that despite their trials and hard times, they turned to their anchor - the Savior.
What great examples they are to each of us as we sojourn upon the earth at this time.

Friday we were up bright and early again! Today we had Low COPE Course in the morning
and High Course in the afternoon. It was a great day to work together and have some fun!
Syd was the super hero of the first challenge. She worked those beams like nobodies business
and got all of the YW across! Way to work together young women! 

 Next was this wire-walking activity. Some of the girls really worked together and went far!
 And lastly, the trust fall. Yikes. This one made me nervous. But as long as the faller remembered "no butt fudgies" and they fell straight, then all was well.
{we only dropped the scout leader one time.....}

 The leaders and older young women weren't brave enough to be that trusting to participate!

 We all had a great lunch break and then it was on to the High Course - mainly the Zip Line, the Squirrel, and the high ropes. Wow!
What fun! There were seriously some braveness going on, high ladders to climb, harnesses to buckle,
and fun to be had! It was a wonderful afternoon!

 Friday night the Bishop brought up Cafe Rio for dinner. It was so good!
We had an amazing closing ceremony with the Stake and then had our own testimony meeting.
The spirit was so strong. It was such a wonderful week with wonderful people!
We all had a great time doing hard things, doing our best, helping out, having an extra dose of patience,
and loving each other. Girls Camp 2014 was a BLAST!! 
Good bye Beaver High Adventure!

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