Tuesday, June 17, 2014

the many blessings of June

 I had a great birthday spending the day with my kids. Grace decided to be Spenc in the photo above! :)

 We spent a few hours playing at the City Pool with friends and then we went
out to an awesome bday dinner at Costa Vida. So delicious!
 I got to read all of the amazing emails from Elder Calls Zone! What sweet missionaries they are!
 Rewind to the end of April when we went to France!
I missed a week+ of teaching Preschool. While I was gone Miss Doree had
the kids make this great sign (they each thought of their own words to say - hence
"Batman fights the bad guys!" haha) They also learned how to say BonJour Miss Amy!
The day I got back was so cute!

 One night we asked Zac is he wanted to go out to dessert with us.
Little did he know it was actually a wedding reception. Oops.
 So we rewarded him with a snow cone for going with us.
Snow cones cure everything.
 Here I am sporting my new birthday gifts! From my big sis I received one of those amazing
electric face scrubbies. I love it! Can't you tell that I look 5 years younger here?? Thanks Lara! xoxoxo
 Lisa sent me a beautiful bracelet. I've worn it several days in a row now! I love it! 
Thanks so much Lisa!! xoxoxoxoxo
 My mama sent me a perfect necklace from Hawaii. I love it! Thanks so much mama! xoxoxoxo
 And then one morning we prepared a breakfast like this....

 in honor of this amazing guy!

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larajanepark said...

Love this post! You are so adored...and the venetian link bracelet from Tiffany's!!! MY. MOST. FAVORITE. PIECE. OF. JEWELRY. I never take mine off!! Lisa kicks it with the bday gifts this year!!! Love Mom's necklace too, so beachy perfect. You were spoiled, and deservedly so xoxoxox loves to you ALWAYS! xoxox Lara