Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The next time your baby, toddler, child, (or you!) gets immunizations...

I'm in my 40's. I haven't had an immunization in a very long time,
but I do remember the fussy days my babies had after their shots.
I'd give them tylenol, make sure I moved/massaged their legs & arms
(wherever they got their shots), and try to snuggle a lot.
Well, guess what folks?
They have a big time reason to be fussy and cry!!!
I had a tetnus shot today (it was a tdap) and when I first got the shot,
I thought, "There's nothing to this!"
I said thank you and off I went.
Fast forward about 5 minutes when out of the blue it felt like
someone had slammed my arm with a sledgehammer!
I was seriously in a lot of pain.
(I actually have a high pain tolerance - 5 kids, 0 epidurals)

Here we are about 7 hours post shot and my arm is seriously so sore.
I've been moving and massaging it all day.
So take it from me and love those babies extra when they get their shots.
Keep up on the tylenol. And when they just cry and fuss, remember this:
It hurts!!!
{special thanks to the internet for this photo which describes me perfectly right now}

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lisalynn said...

Oh boo! I haven't had one of those in years, but I do remember they hurt quite a bit. Hope you didn't end up with a huge bruise and sore arm for days. At least if you step on a rusty nail you will be covered. Ha! :)