Sunday, May 25, 2014

Taco Bell, chicken coops, and summer vacation

The time has arrived.
School is officially out which means
Remember this and this?
Yes, that kid reported to the MTC (missionary training center)
on his High School Graduation Day. Literally while all of his
classmates were walking graduation, he was entering the MTC,
just like he wanted. (seriously!)
So the last day of school around here is big time.
One year folks!
He's been serving and loving the people in Canada for ONE YEAR!
Which means one more fun filled, amazing year and then I will get
to hug that boy and see his smiling face in person.

To celebrate we went to his favorite place.
Taco Bell

 I love this picture of these three beauties.
 We even sat in the same booth that Spenc always sat in with his friends.
(did you know he came here all. the. time. in high school for lunch?)

{Zac wore that shirt to the last day of school and had all of his friends sign it,
hence Bridger on his shirt! It's a great way to get your friends names and numbers
without having a yearbook or notebook, etc. He loves doing it every year!}
 Jeremy ordered Spenc's favorite - Beefy 5 Layer
 We loved talking about Spenc and our favorite memories with him.
We sure miss that kid, but we're so happy that he is serving and loving those in Canada.
And if year #2 goes by as fast as year #1, he will be home in no time!!!

 These two cuties stopped by just because they were in the neighborhood.
Spenc sure has great friends!

 The chicken coop.
When your hubby is an architect, the chicken coop gets drawn up into plans and everything.
Erin and Jer came up with a great design and started on it.
 Zac had a great time practicing his flips
{see the poor pine tree that about fell over the last wind storm??! I think it needs to go}

 See the little coop the chickens are in now?
They are pretty much going from a Motel 6 kind of coop to
a five star hotel kind of coop. Lucky chickens!
It's been a fun first few days of no school.
We're pretty good at loving summer vacation and making lots of fun memories!
Good bye 4th and 8th graders!
Hello 5th and 9th graders!!

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