Monday, June 9, 2014

Camping, s'mores, hiking, waterfalls, swimming, temple, family, & birthdays = fun beyond measure!!

I love fun weekends, full of family, partying, and adventure! I got it all this weekend.
The kids and I packed up on Thursday and headed up north. We picked up Ellie and Lex on our way.
Final destination: North Fork campground  Eden, Utah
Jeremy met us over there after work and boy did we have fun. {did you know he works up north??!}
This campground is the best. Tons of room, we didn't even know
anyone else was even camping we had so much space to ourselves.
 We brought this little toy dog and Ellie pulled it around everywhere.
Occasionally you would hear, "Oh no! Ruff ruff!"
{which translates to: where is my doggie??}

 My two beautiful campers!
Erin and Ellie exploring nature together, with the ruff-ruff.
 No showers for two days (good prep for girls camp coming up!).
We hiked to a gorgeous waterfall, played games, made campfires, s'mores,
breakfast burritos, roasted starburst, enjoyed nature, and loved being together! 

 Ellie insisted on hiking with her backpack, like Uncle Zac.

 She certainly was a Happy Camper the entire trip. She loved being outside!
Two of my most favorite guys!

 Love all three of my sweet girls! I am so blessed!

 Jeremy with each of his four kids, such a great dad!

 Erin - happiest in nature!

 After lunch we packed up and went over to Pineview Reservoir for a swim!

 And we all had a ton of fun in the sun, splashing, rope swingin', digging in the sand.
Free fun with family is the best!

 Brian met us at the campsite after work on Friday. 
The girls decided a little beauty parlor was in order :)
 That night we had a great meal of foil dinners, smores, and starbursts. It was so good!
{my camera battery was dying, hence few photos!}
We all just loved being out in nature, being together.
Such a blessed family!
 Miss Ellie brushing her teeth.
And a trip wouldn't be a trip without some crazy selfies!

 We hurried back to the Zurcher casa on Saturday afternoon so we could hit up the Salt Lake Temple.
We were so blessed to be with Lex, Brian, Kevin, Roxanne, Melissa, and Sean.
What a beautiful temple experience we all had together!
I LOVE mini family reunions!

 We had a great visit at Kneaders afterwards. Sure love our crazy, funny family!
 Sunday I was treated like a queen! We decided on an early birthday celebration since we were all together.
Cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit for breakfast. A lovely walk to church together.
Then a delicious bbq dinner complete with salad, corn on the cob, rolls, steak, and potatoes.
I was seriously so spoiled!
Then we had cake and homemade ice cream & strawberries.
Can you count the # of candles / fire hazard in the photo below??

 This weekend with family couldn't have been more perfect!
Next year for my birthday Spenc will be home and we decided to do the same thing -
camping, temple, awesome meal made by the Zurchers -
home made ice cream and all ;)
 The guys took advantage of their quiet time
(although I'm pretty sure there was a noisy game of ball tag going on!)
 Erin and I were cuddling on the couch, enjoying some relaxing time before it was time to head out.
It was seriously one of the best trips I have ever taken. 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE being with family.
Camping was perfect. The hikes were beautiful.
The temple was so tender and sweet - I could feel Papa Call all day long,
and that was such a treat. He was so happy and right there along with us in spirit.
And then celebrating an early birthday? Lucky!
{ps the family got me a cool stadium fold-up seat (for upcoming soccer games!),
chocolate (mmmmm!), a blue ray player (yay!), an awesome Happy Camper
t-shirt and sweater (thanks Lex!) and a beautiful hand made bracelet made by Erin.
I am so blessed to be a mom to such wonderful children,
and the wife to such an amazing man!
Here's to another great year!

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Lisa Henry said...

Cutest family ever! Love all of your fun adventures!