Monday, May 27, 2013

The big day has arrived!!

Spencer has been ready to serve a mission for as long as I can remember! What a great adventure he has embarked on!! I blogged this on his blog and decided to go the easy route and just copy it over to mine! You can find his latest updates (posted by his family), at

Wednesday morning we were up bright and early (5:30am)! Pretty much everyone slept the whole way. Except Spenc. He took a little nap, then he spent the rest of his time entertaining, talking, and staring at Ellie. I’m pretty sure he was memorizing her beautiful face and making sure she would remember him forever! We stopped by Gramma Call’s for some hugs and it was off to Olive Garden for lunch. Funny thing, we saw about 5 other families having their last lunch with their missionaries as well.
Man alive, do I ever love this handsome missionary!!!
There’s just something about pasta and hot breadsticks that make such great comfort food! Mmmm!
Next stop, Provo Temple. We each had our photos with Elder Call, then it was time for some good bye hugs. Those turned out to be a wee bit emotional! Elder Call is going to be one amazing missionary! I wonder if the people of Canada know how lucky they are about to get!!?
Gracie and her big bro!
 IMG_9328 IMG_9352
Erin and dad and their last good bye rides!
Big sister carrying little (but bigger) brother!
We can’t ever take pictures without having some silly ones to go with it!
Proud mama and pops! We love you Elder Call!
Zac was sooo brave telling his big (and only) brother goodbye! Love you Grandma!
Ellie even took her own time to let her Uncle Spenc how much she loves and admires him! (I love her hand on his arm!!)
This is my hug from the temple. I got another GREAT one at the MTC. It was an amazing hug! I told him I needed him to squeeze me a little tighter, because it needed to last for two years. It was amazingly perfect, I can still feel it and I’m certain it will last for two years!!! Yay!
After giving everyone a last hug, he was off!! He was confident, strong, and smiling! Just like the Elder Call we all know and love!
Next stop – Krispy Kreme! We bought three dozen donuts and had them sent via the UPS store to the MTC. They actually mail them just like that – in the Krispy Kreme bag. They also deliver them that very same afternoon!!  It was so awesome (and only $3 to mail)!!  We made him a fun letter to go with his donuts and told him to share with his District. Pretty sure we made quite a few Elders happy yesterday with that delivery!!
It was a fabulous, bittersweet day! The anticipation of telling him goodbye was the toughest part. We all know this is exactly where he is supposed to be and we all feel happy and peaceful because of it! We love you so much Elder Call!!! If you’ve made it to the end of this post, then take a minute to write him!! The easiest two-minute way is to go to  Set up an account really quick, enter his info (PO Box #283) and type him a letter! If you hit send before noon, it will get printed out at the MTC and delivered to him THAT SAME DAY!! If it’s after noon, then it will get printed and delivered the next day! He would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you!
Or send him a letter or package to the following:
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Cindy Sharkey said...

How proud you & Jeremy must be. I know I am.

lisalynn said...

Great photo's to capture such an amazing time in his life. You raised an amazing young man. xoxo