Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weekend Fun

Brian, Lex, and Ellie drove down and surprised us for Conference weekend,
we LOVED having them here!
We LOVED watching General Conference.
Ellie truly loved being here. She had non stop playmates the entire time!
 maybe she'll be a soccer player like aunt grace?

 or a longboarder like aunt erin?
{she's already a watermelon lover like her uncle spenc and uncle zac!}
 a photographer like her mama?
 a cucumber lover like her gramma?
 or an excavator? or archaeologist? she LOVES the dirt!!!

 she definitely loves boys.
Zac and Grandpa are two of her favorites.
{plus did you know she kisses uncle spencers photo good night every day?}

 she loves, loves, loves books!

 It was a wonderful conference weekend!
And some more happenings...
Zac and Grace after an epic flour war!
{a cup of flour in a nylon sock = fun!}

Art work by the one and only, Erin Call.
 I also came home to a bear riding a unicycle!
{I love his tongue sticking out!!}
 and the cool tardis that Zac drew!
I love my family beyond words and I am so, so, so happy for each of them!
To see some great conference printables, go here!
Until next time,

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