Sunday, April 13, 2014

The time we took our Young Women's group camping. . .

A couple months ago our young womens group (girls ages 12-13) asked if we 
would take them camping! Heck ya!
There were about 5 girls who couldn't go, but the other 7 could.
Sister Wrigley and I are soooo lucky to be their leaders!
{can you even find Sister Wrigley in this group of girls? 
she's so young and gorgeous,
she blends right in!}

 We got to camp and set up our tent. Camping at Red Cliffs is a must!
It was so gorgeous! Then we headed off on an awesome hike.

 It was so awesome to see the girls all together. 
They are all so happy and complementary!!

 Our two Graces! 

 We are soooo blessed to serve these young women together!
Love ya Heather!!

 After our hike (8pm!) we started our campfire for dinner.
We roasted hot dogs, hot dogs wrapped in roll dough, had chips, carrots, 
drinks and some great visits!
 The smoke blowing in your face was pretty killer!!
 A little bit after we arrived at camp, we saw a couple trucks pull up into
a different campsite. Lo and behold, it was the Scouts from our ward / church camping
in the campsite right next to us!!! It was so funny!
{only there was a biiiig rock formation between our two campsites!!}
So after a great dinner all of the youth played a game of 
Capture the Flag together. What are the chances of the scouts and the young women
camping in the SAME camping place - especially when there are only 10 camping
spots AND it's first come first serve??!!! 
{I got our campsite earlier that morning, and Tim had got his campsite 
the whole day before to make sure he got one!} 

Then we roasted marshmallows for s'mores and Starburst!
{have you ever roasted Starburst's?? they are soooo good!}
They all fell asleep by about 11pm {phew!} and we all slept pretty good.
We had a fabulous breakfast of Lucky Charms, milk and apple juice,
followed by s'mores and roasted Starburst!
It was an awesome campout.
All of the girls helped clean up camp, take the tent down, and
put the fire out before we left. . .
then we headed back home!

After a great campout like that and then playing in a great soccer game,
this is what happens:
Grace, crashed out on the couch!!

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