Friday, April 4, 2014


 On March 22nd we celebrated Spencer's 10 month mark by having his favorite 
Honey Comb cereal for breakfast and later that day - homemade salsa.
{we knew he wasn't anywhere nearby because we had leftover salsa!!}
Our fabulous nephew John brought his gorgeous wife Anne and their 3 boys
down for a visit on their way to Disneyland. To say we loved our visit is
a huge understatement!! We love you Calls!!!

All in the family, crazy faces and all!

Our chicks are becoming!

Grace and Livy are right in the heart of soccer season!
#loveeveryminuteofit #jimmyjohnsforlunchisbest

I got to go to Women's Conference with these gorgeous girls!

Favorite photos right here. 
{all three of us are wearing either hand-me-downs or di finds}
{my whole outfit is di finds (at different shopping trips), except the necklace
which Erin made me one year for Christmas!}
After Womens Conference we met these lovlies at Kneaders for dessert. 
Oh so good! Mmmm! Love ya Hinton girls!!

Love listening to Grace practice the guitar every day. So soothing.
Painting / art Sunday afternoon. Such talented kids!
Zac built cool lego spaceships and wanted his picture taken
{gasp! when does he ever request his photo to be taken??!!}
to send to his big brother Spenc in Canada.
This amazing kid got his mission call to Panama City Panama.
He's going to rock it!
I saw this gem of a girl at Logan's mission call opening and had to get a photo! 
Her mission papers are going in next month! 
Best Wrigley family ever right there! So excited for you Logan!
And there you have it. 
The happenings of the past couple weeks.
Looking forward to a great Conference weekend!!
PS Don't forget that :
{even if the cashier at the store is a wee bit grouchy! spread kindness! 
be cheerful! and have a good day!}

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