Monday, April 14, 2014

Passports, travel plans, and au revoir

Not too long ago, the guys Jeremy has been working for up north
told him that they wanted to go to France to check out some of the
ski resorts there. A couple of the investors for the ski resort in 
Northern Utah are from France. Including one who now lives in Utah.
Who's going to say no to France?

We feel like we've won the Price is Right!
It's certainly not anything we could ever afford
or would even be able to put on the list of "would-like-to's".
So when they booked the trip, we got working!
Passports. Mixing and matching clothes to pack as
lightly as possible. Lists. Lists. Lists.

We will be gone for eight days and lucky us, we get Gramma Cindy
that entire time! She's flying out {she volunteered!!!} to hang out with
Grace, Zac, and Erin. We are so blessed.
Our phones will not work at all in France.
No talking. No texting. Nada. Zilch-o!

So the other day, I tried on a ton of outfits - casual but fun.
Some of the results include:
 After I tried on an outfit that seemed like it would work, I would take a picture
of it on the bed so I would remember what to pack. I am such a nut. I know!

So in six days I will be saying "Au Revior" to my children and "Bonjour!" to France!
The first four nights we will stay in 4 different cities - from the seas of the Mediterranean to
the ski slopes of French ski resorts! The last three nights we will be in Paris.
So excited! We will be with the two other couples we will be traveling with.
Jeremy has business meeting a few hours each day for the first four days. Then the last few days
are fun and fancy free. It's going to be so much fun! Did I mention that we also get to 
celebrate Jeremy's 45th birthday in France?? Yes-siree!
I'm a true mom at heart and feel kind of bad leaving the kids (even though they are older!!)
but I know they will be great and so will we! 

{side note: Lex, B, and Ellie have been gone since Friday on their trip to Norway. 
Between their trip and our trip (and both of us being phone-less in Europe) we will
have not talked in 17 days!!! New record for us!}


lex said...

Love this! I should have had you help me pack for Norway. Your outfits are so cute!! You are going to be one stylish mama in Paris. Love you! xoxo

Pear Girl said...

You're going to be the best dressed in all of France!! So cute Aunt Amy! I hope you guys are having the best trip abroad ever! love you love you love you guys and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEREMY! WOO! xoxoxo