Sunday, March 30, 2014

A little trip on the horizon

We are not a big trip taking family,
but the memories we make while playing together and having fun are endless!
(flour fights anyone? whip cream wars? late night games and adventures?
sleeping in {accidentally} Christmas morning? chocolate eating dogs?
everyone piled on mom and dads bed visiting? ball the house?
campouts? lazer tag at the park? art projects? homemade Christmas gifts?
smaller road trips to visit family and occasionally the beach?
llamas spitting in your yogurt, and many, many more!)

Five years ago I was able to surprise Jeremy for his 40th birthday.
My mom came out for a visit and while she was here, we flew over
to her Hawaii condo. It was perfect. The plane tickets (back then) were
suuupper cheap, the lodging was freeee, and we cooked almost all of our meals.
It was the perfect chance we had to be together for 5 days.

Well this year for his birthday we were both surprised!
A business trip has come up and it involves staying here 
for the first part of the trip:

We are so excited!!
 We consider this such a tender mercy and such a sweet blessing.
It came up so fast! We are looking forward to spending a week+ together!

Details coming soon!


lex said...

oooooh i'm excited for your surprise trip!!!!!!!!!

Pear Girl said...

ME TOO!!! AHH what a view this is!! I'm so excited to hear about it!