Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Someone in my corner

I love spiritual enlightenment that comes randomly to your mind as you are
pondering. I love the above scripture. Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him.
The Savior is beckoning and calling out to us to Come Unto Him.
His hand is outstretched to us always.
We need to be the one to reach up and take His hand. Take His help.
To be "perfected in Him" has hit me in a different way today.
To me it means that despite the injustices and unfairness that we each experience
as we travel through this path of life, all we need to do is come unto Christ. 
We need to lay our burdens at his feet. We need to give Him our broken hearts from
unfairness, feelings of sadness and pain, for He has felt it all. He knows how we
are feeling. He knows how our hearts are hurting. He knows how it feels to be
passed by, to be pushed aside, to feel wronged. We have this amazing opportunity
to lay our burdens and our tears at His feet and as He strokes our head and says, "It's ok" 
we need to believe Him. Because it IS ok.
The unfairness in life isn't going to go away.
But as long as we have the Savior in our lives, it IS ok.
As we come to Him, our hearts become healed. 
We truly become perfected in Him. Because He heals us.
 I know with all my heart that we have a loving Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ
cheering for us, planning and knowing ways They can and will help us. 
It's those times in life when we are feeling stretched to the limit that we need to
keep going, for when we are being stretched we are growing into the son or daughter
that our Heavenly Father knows we can become.
 well said! 
Exactly. Thy will be done.
The comfort that the Atonement brings to me is incredible.
Many think that the atonement is for those who have sinned. 
And that is very true. 
But it is also for everything else in life.
He knows how we feel every. day. of. our. lives.
Through every circumstance.
Disappointment. Sadness. Unfairness. Death. Being completely wronged.
Because HE has felt it. He has been through it.
So what better person to help you / me through EVERYTHING in life than HIM?
He who knows EXACTLY how it feels to be scourged, disappointed, spit at, dealt an 
unfair hand in life, challenged, everything. He knows!
I love the Savior with all my heart.
To have someone in my corner always is the best feeling ever.


Lisa Henry said...

This was beautiful, thank you!

lisalynn said...

Very wise words and so very true. We are never alone in our pain and suffering, in our sadness and sorrow. I love you sister. Thank you for this beautiful post. xoxoxo

larajanepark said...

I love you Amy.

lex said...

love this! and love you!