Monday, March 17, 2014

And this is why I love Southern Utah....

Sunshine, Sand Hollow Reservoir, friends, and sand.
Mmmm, that makes for a perfect day!
 Erin promptly fell right asleep! 
 Grace and Livy!
 Zac, Josie, and Halie enjoying the wet sand. 

 Love where you live.
Oranges. Blues. Bright sunshine.
 Happiest in the sunshine! 
 Erin and mama, I sure love that girl of mine! 
 She just woke up from her nap... :)
 A perfect day!
 The army guy sand castle.
 It's always amazing to me who the Lord puts into my life!
I am so very blessed with the best of friends.
It's even more amazing when we can be a strength to each other 
as we raise kids, support our husbands as they work far and near,
and as we struggle to juggle it all!
Love you Christa!! Thanks for the fun day in the sun!!


lisalynn said...

Yay for sun, sand and wonderful friends! Love you all so much. Can't wait for our next adventure together! xoxo

larajanepark said...

Beautiful! I love you too. xoxoxox