Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break 2014

The kids and I took a little trip up to Lex, Brian and Ellies house for a few days. We sure did have a lot of fun! Monday was field trip day! We drove up north, through a canyon to the little town of Eden. We did some exploring and navigating and didn't even get lost at "thee" 4 way stop sign. Haha! A stop at Taco Bell on the way home to cure some grouchy hungries was a must!

Lex brought along a pb&j sandwich for miss E. The only way she would eat it is if you squished a bite of sandwich right on the top of her hand. Ha! Then she would pop it into her mouth. So funny!

After that long day, naps were in order!

The next morning of Spring Break we woke up to S N O W! Yay!!
Zac and Grace bundled up Ellie and they all went out to brave the snow.

My four beautiful children. Sure love you! Miss Spenc, but know that the Canadians are loving him lots!!
Beautiul. Baby.
My ultimate success as a mom. Alexa said, "My goal is to have my house ball proof. So we can play ball tag in the house. And other fun games." I loved hearing that, because that was always my goal!! We always played ball in the house. Freeze tag, ball tag, monkey in the middle, etc.. There is nothing better than playing in the house. So we all had a few amazing games of monkey in the middle at her house. It was awesome! Video coming shortly!!

Art day. Gramma Cindy taught us all to relax and draw, paint, color, write...and that's just what we all did. It was a beautiful, relaxing afternoon.

We sent Lex and Brian off on a date. Aren't they a gorgeous couple???
We took Ellie with us to Costco for a few things....
Smoothies and ice cream. (E LOVES smoothies!!)

And maybe Gramma couldn't resist buying a new pink scooter for Ellie :)

We went home and got all ready for bed. My favorite time is reading books to Ellie. She just melts into you and is so sweet!
One of Ellies favorite games is this....
dropping things through the holes down to Zac. It is so funny to watch! (yes, this is the same "up & down" that my kids used when they were growing up!)
We watched BYU men's basketball get creamed by Gonzaga.
Erin must have thought this guy was a hottie.

Beautiful girlies!!
Strawberries and cream anyone??
Ellies awesome fit. She was seriously so cute! Ha! It was the only fit she threw while we were there. Poor girl ;(
The amazing Brian with the kids.

Elton John....I mean Erin and Ellie...
Trying to walk a mile in Grace's shoes is pretty tough to do!
DI adventures the next day! Lots of treasures found at the American Fork DI!! And candy sticks afterwards for all of the good little shoppers!
Ellie loves this spot in the window! It's a perfect window seat for her!

Eating strawberries with mama
Quiet time every afternoon while Ellie napped....

Ellie put all of the crayons in a cup. And proceeded to drink them...
Making birthday cards for cousin Chloe's birthday!
Beautiful artwork is everywhere in her house! I remember when she drew this in college.
Ellie loves her new scooter from gram and gramps!
We love cats....haha, you had to be there to get this one!
Zac and Ellie cuddling one morning.

The last morning we were there everyone piled in Alexa's bed to watch Cupcake Wars! So fun.

Sure love these kids and grandbaby of ours. We are so blessed!
And a sign that we were nearing home....the ox's horn at the zoo in Scipio!! Pit stop!!
Thanks for the great trip Lex, Brian, and Ellie! We loved it and we love each of you so much!


lisalynn said...

Looks like a fabulous trip! So many great memories. And that sweet Ellie, ahhh, how do you get enough of that girl?!? xoxo

larajanepark said...

I love the memories you make together...and the ones we've made with you are treasures. xoxox