Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy Package!

Guess what arrived at our house the other day?
The perfect package!
Sometime in January those winter time, cold day blues hit.
I get out the "happy light" for us to read scriptures by in the morning, 
to wake us up and to help our minds "think" that it's the bright sunshine
welcoming them to another great day.

 {yikes, sorry about the fuzzy photo above!}
 This photo -above- may or may not be right smack in the middle of
our refrigerator door for all to see.
After all, happiness in a choice.
Every day we get to choose if we want to be happy, sad, grouchy,
fussy, etc... For the most part I'm a CHOOSE HAPPY kind of person!
{but not always. sometimes I am grouchy and fussy!}

 LOVE the temple prints Alexa paints. This photo doesn't do justice.

 All of these are such great reminders!
{again, the photos I took of them do no justice! they are bright and happy prints!}

Thanks Alexa for thinking of your family and for sending such a happy package!
You are one of those who chooses happiness and spreads it wherever you go.
Thanks for being such a bright light in this crazy world.
Love you so much!

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lex said...

YAY! I'm so glad it arrived for you! January is always awfully blue. Thanks for being so happy! Love you love you see you SOOOOOON!! XOXO