Saturday, February 8, 2014

A visit with Ellie and Lex is always good

Seriously we are in love with this kid.
I mean, who wouldn't be??
She lights up the room (just like her mama).
She is oh so happy.
Her favorite word is "Wooooowww!"
And she loves every single one of us.
So to say we have been happy to see her a lot lately is an understatement!
Brian had another business trip to Flordia (I know, poor guy...haha!),
so Lex and Ellie drove to see us for 4 days. It was pure joy!
When they arrived, Zac & Grace ran out to their car, opened Ellies door and she
screached, "Woooooowww!" 
(we took it to mean, Yay! I get to play with my aunts and uncle again!!!)

 Eating dinner with Grandpa is the best!
 Waving around the Canada decorations we have in honor of Spencer.
 Giving kisses to Uncle Spenc!

 Watching Curious George on mom's legs while she gets work done!
 Peek a boo through the doll house doorway!
 I love Grandpa!!
 And Grandpa sure loves Ellie!
 Tuesday night we took Ellie to the indoor pool. She loved it! Grace and Zac swam with her. 
She loved the little kid slide (although I just realized how ugly that frog slide actually is!!!), but
all she really wanted to do was climb out of the pool and head over to the two flights of stairs
to go down the BIG slide!! Lucky for her, Grace put a lifejacket on miss E and took her down.
Again and again. Ellie LOVES adventure!!

 Excuse the blurry picture...but here is miss E pointing to the BIG slide, 
telling us in her 15 month old baby talk how much she wanted to go down!

 We purposly went on Tuesday night because Erin was lifeguarding!
{she might or might not like it when we show up at her work, haha!}
 Miss E is not too happy about having to head home! She loves to swim!!

 Saying good bye to all the kids as they headed off to school.
Ellie loved carrying around this pink Barbie doll double stroller.
She would set it on the ground, then slowly back herself into it and sit down.
It was such a crack up! 

 I love that she puts out her hand and motions for you to come to her. It's so cute!
She was up on Zac's fort and she found one of his drawings, she was looking at
it, saying "Woooooow!" She is seriously the cutest!
 Playing outside in the sunshine before it's time to pack up and head home!

We love you so much!
Thanks for coming to visit Lex and Ellie!
We had a great time. You are both rays of sunshine!
x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o 


lex said...

I LOVE ALL OF THESE PICTURES!! SO MUCH! Thanks for letting us visit, we had such a great time! Can't wait to see you SOOOOOOON! super soon! xoxoxoxo

Cindy Sharkey said...

I can see that NO ONE had any FUN at all on this visit... Ha. Just look at those smiles! xoooxxx