Friday, January 24, 2014

January has flown by!

I can't believe how fast this month has gone by! Two days ago was Elder Call's 8 month mark!! He's been in Canada for 8 months and for the most part, it has gone by pretty fast! YAY!! This month brought us a new (really it's old), but a new family car (2001 Honda Civic for miss E to drive to school, swim team, work, socializing, etc..), soccer tournaments (Grace), helping Grandma Call move out of her house, basketball games (Zac), work adventures (Jeremy), swim meets and dances (Erin) and lots of fun at Preschool (me!). I'm seriously in awe of how fast the month flew's already January 24th!
NEIGHBOR DISCLAIMER: In the last post I told you about the neighbors who ran into Jeremys' car. I need to clarify that the neighbor who hit our car was NOT our favorite Rick and Lisa who live next door. It was a different neighbor who lives around the corner. :)

 New Years Eve....we celebrated NY style (10pm!) with Zac! 
Orange juice / orange soda toasts, the countdown, and a few sparklers!
Grace was off babysitting and Erin was out with friends.

 Jeremy at his desk late one night.
Zac took over Spencers role of eating all of the veggies the girls don't like,
their peas and carrots from their fried rice. 

 Breast stroke will be taking this kid to State Swim in February!
Go Erin!

 Awesome neighbor / Auntie Lisa after taking her girls on a shopping spree at Old Navy.
Seriously, best neighbor ever!

 Donuts!! Jr Prom!! Yay!!
 (maybe Erin will blog how she answered Richmond for the probably
involves a chicken and a box....yes, a live chicken....)
 Cutie pie Grace all ready for school with her (Spencers / Brians) guitar.
 Crazy sisters all ready for school.
 Grace 8th grade  Erin 11th grade

 Soccer girl Grace - our favorite #9
and basketball boy Zac, the awesome #13

 Graces coach signed up their team to play in the famous Vegas Cup Soccer Tournament.
He accidently signed them up for U14 (instead of their age group U13).
They played Friday night and two games on Saturday.
Not only that, they played AWESOME!
Two wins and one loss 2 - 1.
They ended up coming in FIRST PLACE in their bracket, even while playing up!
So we were heading back to Vegas (third trip in 4 days!) on Monday morning.
{we had previously planned to head up north to help Jeremy's mom move out of her
house that Sunday. (sadly) we were thinking that since their soccer team was playing
up in a very difficult tournament that we wouldn't make it to Mondays playoffs! but 
we did! so Jeremy took Erin and Zac and headed up north and I stayed home
with Grace so we could go to her playoff games!}
 Chocolate chip waffles for breakfast? Yes please! Mmmmmm!

 Our favorite Amazing Grace
Center Defender
 At the end of the semifinal game, we were tied 1 - 1.
We went into two 7 minute overtimes.
Still tied.
Which means one thing: SHOOTOUT!
Each team chooses 5 players. They each get a chance to score a goal 
one-on-one with the other teams goalie.
They did GREAT and came out ahead 4 - 3 for the W I N!!
Way to go Bombers Crush!

 The CHAMPIONSHIP game was played about an hour and a half after the end of their semi game.
To say that they were worn out was an understatement!
They fought hard and made a goal in the first half.
They did an amazing job holding off the other team ,but lost 2 - 1.
Coming in 2nd place after playing up in a tournament was still waaayy AWESOME!!

 Livy, Grace, and Chippy
 The inseparable Grace and Livy.
 We car pooled together all three days. Sure love the Hinton family!

  Coach Brough and Coach Brent handing out medals!

 Always, always have to get the Charlies Angels pose.

 {We played the cutest team from Calgary Canada on Saturday! They were so good and so polite!
After the game we had a chance to visit with them! I told them to be on the look out for Spenc, haha!}
 Vegas Cup January 2014

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