Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Day in Southern Utah!

December 7, 2013
Snow Day!
Ok, so I will admit I was awake bright and early (not by choice - it's just age) and the first thing I did was check for snow! But there was none! But by about 10am, it started lightly falling. Then the snowflakes kept on getting bigger and bigger. And now we have a yard full of snow!
We had a bunch of fun buildig a snowman out back. Then Jeremy took the kids sledding. Erin headed out with her friends for some snow fun. I took one for the team and stayed home to warm up hot water for cold people when they return! ;)
It's beautiful outside.
The perfect weather for the perfect day.

 Merry Christmas to our favorite missionary!
  {another one of my favorite decorations!}
Happy Snow Day!! 


Pear Girl said...

This sounds like the best snow day!! That's a whole lot of snow there! Maybe it'll snow again feb??;)

Cindy Sharkey said...

What crazy, exciting weather for Utah- perfect for December. I love the happy snowman and the three hard workers who built him. Gosh, they are all tall.

Erin Estella said...

Yay for posting!! I love the snow!