Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Part 2

 Erin started the day out with making ornaments. I love this one she made for Elder Call!
 Every Thanksgiving weekend means SOCCER TOURNAMENT 
in Southern Utah! Grace played 2 games on Friday, another on Saturday,
and played again on Saturday for the Championship.
We couldn't have been blessed with better weather.
Sunshine. Blue Skies. Sixty degree days. Perfect!
 Friday brought them one win and one loss.
 They knew on Saturday morning that they had to have a shutout game 
or win by 3. They took the shutout and found themselves in the
Championship game that afternoon, playing the team they lost to on Friday.

 This was a big game, but our girls came out fast and tough.
Grace plays Center Defender. Every. Single. Game.
And she rocks.

 "BOMBERS on three for the WIN!!!"
 Way to play Bombers Crush!
Special thanks to Coach Brough, Coach Kimball, & Coach Brindley!

It just wouldn't be a tournament without some Grace / Livy photos!

 One of Grace's amazing coaches, Coach Brindley.
 The very day after the big win, we decorated the house and the tree.
It's one of my most favorite days of the year!
 The ornaments that I cherish and love the most are the homemade ones!
Each one has it's own story to tell.
I have yet to part with any....

 If you're a part of the Call family, you know the story behind this cookie.
When Jeremy and I were first married we had very few decorations
and even less money. So we made Gingerbread heart shaped cookies and hung
them all over our tree. We ended up saving a few of them as reminders of our
first Christmas together. One year, about 9 years of our little ones
(can you guess who), took a bite out of this very cookie that we had saved 
over the years. Such a fun ornament to get out and re-tell the story each year!

 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!
 The nativity scene / family tradition. All through the month of December, every time
you do a good deed for anyone, you can add a piece of hay to the manger.
That way on Christmas Eve, baby Jesus will have a soft bed.
One of our favorite traditions!
 Always have that missionary of ours on our minds!
 For family night activity Jeremy picked to replace / update all of the fire alarms in the house.
These red caps are to cover the smoke detectors if you end up painting your house.
Zac thought this was a much better idea!
 Are you old enough to need dollar store magnifying glasses
to read instructions? We are!! 
 Later in the week we got a little snow! 
 We went Christmas Caroling with some of the amazing Young Women from church.

 It was crispy cold all week, but we had some gorgeous sunsets.
 And a picture for Elder Call especially from Zac - look at my block of ice!!!
Coming up next.....the big SNOW DAY in SANTA CLARA!! YAY!!


Pear Girl said...

Yay for ornaments and Christmas decorating!! This is definitely my most favorite time of the year. Haha Zac's big hunk of ice! That looks like an awesome break! :)

Cindy Sharkey said...

Love the homemade ornaments!! The best . Christmas is such a fun, beautiful time of year. Love the straw in the manger for baby Jesus. Congratulations Grace for a great soccer team....GO BOMBERS