Friday, November 15, 2013


November 8 - 9th, 2013
This gorgeous girls birthday weekend started out with a two day swim meet. Her awesome dad was a timer, and specifically requested lane 4. Where Erin usually swims. Here they are together. Grainy, but perfect.
Sweet friends offered sweet birthday wishes, car windows painted {not pictured} and lots of lovin'.
Sure love the friends miss Erin has. They are so sweet. And gorgeous. And funny. And spiritual. Love!
Her #1 fans. Dad & Mom.

Inbetween races Jeremy found a sunny {yet most uncomfortable!!?} place to get in a quick rest.
All of the cute swimmer boys hang around our cute swimmer girl.

Getting ready to bust a move. She swam her personal best time on that event! And the other events she made the same time as she had last year at State. (note, it's the beginning of the season! she's kickin it!!)

Lots of friend support on her birthday!!

After the meet we took her out to lunch at Texas Roadhouse. Best rolls and cinnamon butter ever.

Loading up on the protein after her meet! Yay for hamburgers!
Ha, she was a little shocked when the workers came around the corner announcing that it was her birthday and for everyone to give her a big YEE HAW shout out! And she got to sit up on the saddle. Ha. Perfect.
They also gave her a nice ice cream sundae that we all ate together. Go family! Afterwards we headed home for opening present time and her all time favorite, Strawberry Cheesecake Squares. Mmmmmmmm!

{I know she will not be happy that I posted the above photo, but seriously that's how we all look when we see that delicious strawberry cheesecake! Mesmerized with deliciousness!}

And last but not least. New. Red. SaltWater. Sandals.
And a pedicure, courtesy of me :)
Perfect for every girls 17 birthday!
We love you so much Erin!! Happy 17th Birthday Sweet Girl!!
love, mama


Cindy Sharkey said...

Love seeing the party and the 17 year old beauty. Looks like her day was the best. They're growing up fast.....

Chloe Burley said... that means..she's almost 18!! AHHH!! Where did the time go?? She is such a beautiful 17 year old. Love you all and miss you tons! xoxo Chloe

lisalynn said...

Happy birthday Erin!! Wow, 17?!? I remember when you came to visit me at my house when you were 2. Oh how time flies!! We love you and miss you guys so much. Thanks for sharing the fab pictures Aim. Much love to the Call Fam!!! xoxoxo