Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons.
When I was a younger mom, I wanted to "create" great, fun traditions in our family.
But I came to realize that you don't create tradtions.
Traditions are created on their own. 
Driving Lessons are one of ours.

The first driving lesson happend when Alexa was about 8 and Spencer was 5 years old. They were in the front riding bikes. 
Alexa had drawn a chalk line down the sidewalk, explaining to Spencer how you "drive" down the right side of the "road" on your bike.
All was going well. Until Spencer decided to "drive" down the wrong side.
And crash smack into Alexa.
Which resulted in tears (I won't say who it was that was crying).
This led to the first ever "Driving Lesson". (appropriately named after this very incident).
Jeremy sat down with the two of them and tried to explain who was wrong (we won't say who, because that is still disputed 
by both parties to this day), and the in's and out's of "safe driving".

So now that you have this background information, you will better understand the following incident. This time it happened between 
Grace and Zac. I sent the following to both Alexa and Spencer yesterday:

Dear Alexa and Spencer / Elder Call, 

Dad is currently giving Grace and Zac a driving lesson. :) Grace and Zac apparently had troubles playing 4 square outside with dad. So they all came in and Dad made a list of jobs and a questionnaire. The list of jobs included "wash the entire outside of the house" "pick up every leaf in the front yard" "pull every weed" "wash all of the cars inside and out""buy 2 plants and plant them"....So the 2 kids had the choice to either choose 4 jobs - or fill out the questionnaire.

The questionnaire had 3 things:
1. List 4 things I did or said that the Savior wouldn't have done
2. List 4 things the Savior would have said or done instead of what I did
3. Why should I do what the Savior does?

So of course Zac and Grace both choose the questionnaire. Zac starts reading it and bursts out "GRACE HAS IT SO MUCH EASIER THAN ME!!!" (I thought he would say that she is older than me, etc...) but he proceeds to say, "SHE DID SO MUCH MORE BAD STUFF THAN ME, IT WILL BE SO MUCH EASIER FOR HER TO FILL THIS OUT!!!!!"  (insert a ton of laughter here!!!) It was serioulsy so funny!!! I'm still laughing as I think of it!!! :) Silly kids!!!

We surely love Dad and his driving lessons. The two kids have just about filled out their questionnaire and I'm pretty sure a lengthy discussion is about to start. I'll let you know how long it lasts!!! (quick insert: it only actually lasted about 5 minutes for each!!)

PS I hope you know which side of the road to drive on now Spencer!!! ;) haha!

love always,

And here is the reply from Alexa, then Spencer, followed by Alexa....

Hahahahahaha I'm dying laughing! Oh how I loved those driving lessons ;) did grace cry like I always did? Ha tell them good luck. And tell dad thanks for continuing on the driving lessons! Love you all! (Alexa's reply #1)

Haha, that is so hilarious! Love it! Great questionnaire. Hope they enjoyed their driving lessons! :) :) And yes, I know what side of the road to drive on. That was all Alexas fault anyways... :)  (love, Spencer)

Excuse me?! My fault! Too bad dad didn't make us do a questionnaire. We could have saved it for reference to see who's fault it really was ;) hahaha love ya! (love, Alexa)

I sure love our kids. I love Jeremy and his "driving lessons". I love the traditions that keep us laughing and story-telling around the dinner table for years to come. I love my family and I am so thankful for the many blessings we enjoy together - including Driving Lessons!!!


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lex said...

pretty sure the tradition of driving lessons will probably be passed down to all of your grandchildren. ;) such a fabulous tradition! (even though my eight year old self did not think so at the time! ha!)