Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

I'm going to let the pictures do the talking today. We missed having Lex, Brian, and Ellie this year - but no worries, they are coming for Christmas! This year was still amazing! We started out with a 2 hour AMAZING hike with the AMAZING Wrigley family. Petroglyphs, slot canyons, newspaper rock, and perfect weather. Potato peeling, cauliflower roasting, green bean steaming, pies, relish trays...Dinner together that afternoon {how incredible it is to just make half the meal!!}. Games. Games. And more games. Our annual "we are thankful for" poster. Darling Thankful picture from miss Ellie. Pumpkin Pie. Chocolate. And chick flicks until 1am! And no shopping Thursday or Friday! Purely family and friend fun!!
The next day started out bright and early with soccer games / tournament for Grace. Two games Friday. Lots of yard work, leaf raking inbetween games, putting up the Christmas house lights. More soccer. A quick stop to cut down our own Christmas tree. {ok, ok a quick stop at Home Depot to choose one!!} Yes, we got the perfect tree {thanks to Erin!}. Putting the lights up on the tree, lots of Christmas music, handmaking ornaments {Erin again!}. Grace gelling on the couch after playing in two games, with at least on more tomorrow morning {so far one win, one loss}. It was a great weekend....and tomorrow is only Saturday. Boy oh boy do I ever lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveee long weekends!!! And here go the photos.....

 {seriously one of the most amazing couples ever!!!}

 {loooooooooooooove this guy with all my heart!!}

 {mr zac had a little fever today, so he just chilled}

 {elder call was close to my heart...I may have even had a tough moment that night. first one in a long time!}

 {zac was such a great helper! from putting up lights, to blowing leaves off the roof}

 {front pocket filled with keys x2 sets, a camera, and a phone!!}


lex said...

I LOVE ALL OF THwn the days! IS! Darinlg photos, sad we missed out. can't wait until CHRISTMAS! Yahoo! Counting down the days!

Pear Girl said...

Yay! Thanksgiving! Didn't get to celebrate it the old American way this year, haha so it's nice to see you did! Looks like an awesome weekend :D

Cindy Sharkey said...

Loved every picture! You had the best & busiest weekend. I loved the hike.... I want to go for sure!!! Thanks for sharing you wonderful fun times. :)

Lisa Henry said...

What an awesome hike! I hope to go someday, Sherry says I'd love it there. Your paint colors in your house are the same as mine =). And I love your necklace like Lynda's! What a fun day!