Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

My dad taught me a lot of things. He taught me perseverance. . . .it took many long hours to sort a million different kinds of screws and nails into different coffee cans. He taught me to love sweets..... chocolate cake for breakfast, Winchells donuts every Sunday morning, chocolate chip cookies anytime, and one time he even ate some chocolate-looking-candies at Christmas - only they were the dog treats we had just opened for Mimi and Papas dog. He taught me to get the job done......"you catch em', you clean em'". He shared his love of fishing with us at a young age. We would sit quitely - or as quietly as we could on the banks of the lake - until that magical moment when the fishing pole would wiggle, then give a tug, and then we would start screaming and giggling!! We'd reel it in and get it hooked on the chain with the rest of the fish. But then, after we were done fishing we had to help him de-gut them and scale them. Yuck. Maybe that's why I've never taken my kids fishing.....guess that's what grandpas are for, right?? My dad has taught me a lot of things. We've been through some rough times and we've been through some great times. Life is not always easy. It doesn't always turn out how you think it should have. But one things for sure, I love my dad and I know he loves me. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!

Me nestled in my dad's legs as I "helped" him fish, along with my big sister Lara 
and our cousin Shaun. 


Erin Estella said...

auww cute!! what a happy father's day!

Cindy Sharkey said...

A nice tribute Aim, it's good to have the memories.