Friday, June 21, 2013

A to Z...

In honor of this guy for fathers day,
we decided to name all the amazing things about him from A to Z.
We (Erin, Grace, Zac & myself) took turns at dinner saying things about the best dad ever!
So here it goes A to Z:
Architect, Builder, Creator, Desinger, Engineer, Founder of the House (Jeremy had started his job in St George about 3 months before the rest of us moved down 13 years ago. He "found" the house we live in this very day!), Great Gardner, HOT (ya, that was mine!), Ice Cream Lover, Jolly, Kind, LOVE (and then someone piped in saying LATE, which is also VERY true!), Marvelous, Noteworthy, Old :) , Perfect, Quiet, ROCKY (maybe only family would get that one!), Super Snorer, Tough & Talented, Useful, Versatile, Wonderful, Xtreme, Yawns a lot, and zzzzzzz or zippy!

If you know JRC, then you know that this list really describes him perfectly!!
Happy Fathers Day to the best dad ever! 
We love you soooo much!
Thanks for putting up with this C R A Z Y family of ours!!
You are the BEST!!


larajanepark said...

Perfectly described!! xoxo

Cindy Sharkey said...

I am so lucky to have this handsome guy as my son (in-law). His helping hands and generous heart complete our family!

Pear Girl said...

Aw I love this!! A to Z, Jeremy is truly the alphabet!!!