Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mothers Day tribute #5....last but not least....the baby of the family, Zac!

 Zachary Davis. You were born on August 28th - your older sisters 3rd birthday. You were a long
 awaited answer to prayer to your big brother Spencer....who had prayed for you to come to our family.
To say he was excited to be a big brother is a HUGE understatement!!
We all love you so much! 
 You have such a sweet, sensitive, fun-loving heart!!
You care for others feelings so much!
 You LOVE having one-on-one time - like in the photo above when you got to
spend a couple days with your big sister, niece, and brother in law.
And plus, there's nothing like chocolate milk!!! Mmmmm!
 You love the outdoors. You are always the first one to pack your backpack and be
ready to go. Full pack of water, granola bar and always an apple. No one else ever packs
as good as you, so they are always begging for your water and snacks!!
You were soooooooooooo happy the day baby Ellie was born, because you
told me "Now I'm not the baby of the family anymore!!!"
You are such a sweet boy. I am so lucky that you came as our last little baby.
When Erin was about 18 months old, I was kind of praying in my head and I said,
"I wonder how many more children we will have. Is 3 good? Are we done?"
And very specifically a small voice came to my head that said, "There are two more,
your girl will be first." It was an amazing answer! I am so thankful that you came to
our family and that you made me a mama for the very last time!!!
I love you Zachary Davis!


Heather said...

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Cindy Sharkey said...

ZAC- #5 come alive! That is what you did to this family, everyone pulled together to help out (again)- to be the big brother, sister, babysitter. All for YOU. You are so worth it. You do have a tender, loving heart and a strong athletic body. We love you Zac-attack!