Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mothers Day tribute #4.....miss Gracie!

Our darling freckle faced Gracie arrived safe and sound on a stormy Monday night! 
We told her she was our family night activity :)
What a blessing you have been in our family Miss Grace!
(ok so Spencer did cry when he first found out you were a girl...because he desperately wanted a brother....but when he 
arrived at the hospital and we let him hold you first - it was love at first sight!!!)

Grace Elizabeth Call, you are such a doll! You have a heart of gold, always willing to go the
extra mile and go out of your way to help others. You have a most darling sensitive side and
are the biggest worrier there is! You are quietly competitive - you are competitive, but in such a quiet, unassuming way! You love the role you play on your club soccer team, Bombers Crush. 
What fun you have with your team and your coaches. 
You are a great team player and a fabulous friend. 
I am so very thankful that you joined our family. Alexa used to come home from school at
Lava Ridge and beg to hold you. Once asleep, she would lay you down on her lap and do
her homework or art work. Erin loved to watch you and always was in charge of you
when I would shower each morning. She tended to you so tenderly! Spencer keeps you on
your toes by teasing you often and joining in on the competition whenever he can. Zac is
your "twin"! I'll never forget when I was having my sonogram of Zac, you chimed in saying, 
"I knew it was a brother mom!! I've played with him before" 
I'm certain of that and know that you two were supposed to be twins. Only someone
up there knew this mama could only do one baby at a time, so Zac said, "Ladies first" and
you arrived in our family first - only to be followed by your brother exactly three years later.
Such tender mercies!!

 You are a sweet, spiritual, happy, fun loving girl and I am lucky beyond lucky to
be your mom!! You always have the BEST stories to tell me!!
Thank you for sharing your sweet spirit with each of us. 
You are an amazing daughter of God and such a blessing to each of us.
 Thank you for making me a mama for the forth time!!
I love you
Grace Elizabeth!


Chloe Burley said...

I am too such a huuugeeeee worrier!! Ask Mom, she will agree BIG time!! I love you Gracie, you're like my ultimate twinnie!! (: xoxox Chloe

Cindy Sharkey said...

I am a 'worrier' too, but I've learned from Chloe to be positive. She sends me great sayings that keep me focused and happy in the moment- NOW & not worrying about later. Thank you Grace for being such an artistic, thoughtful, friendly, loving young lady. I love spending time with you :)