Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Happy Mothers Day to the BEST mama ever!!!
This, my friends, is my gorgeous mama. I have been in love with her for
the past 42+ years. She has stood by me through thick and thin.
She's stayed up with me on those long, sick, ear infection nights (and believe
me there were a TON of those!), encouraged me to be the best possible me,
has given me tips on parenting, cooking, is the best spaghetti sauce maker EVER,
(thankfully) did not let me change my name to "Minnie" even though I begged her to
when I was 4 years old, has babysat her grandkids so Jer & I could stay a week in her
Hawaii condo, has worked her tail off to raise us girls through our teenage years, 
sacrificed SO SO SO much, is selfless, loving, sweet, tenderhearted, faithful, 
spiritual, happy, healthy, talented, artistic, and best of all MY MAMA!!

 Not only that, she runs the BEST Grammy summer camp ever. 
Just ask Grace, Chloe, Alexa, Erin, Paris, and/or Scarlett. 
Best memories ever are made at Grams!!
 And whenever she comes to visit, we are sure to go on a girl lunch date
together to the one and only (and her absolute favorite!!) Cafe Rio.

I am so very thankful for you mom.
Thanks for loving me and leading me and helping me!
I hope to be as gorgeous as you when I grow up!!
Have a happy, happy, happy mothers' day on the warm beach of
the North Shore! Get a pedicure in the sand for me!!
(and maybe, just maybe, you'll need all 3 of your girls to come visit you next year....right??)
I love you forever and ever.
Love always,
your most favorite middle daughter


lisalynn said...

She is all that and more! There is no way to put it all into words. Love you Mama and love you too sister. We are a very, very blessed family indeed. (And I am IN for a sister/mama reunion next year!) xoxoxo

Cindy Sharkey said...

What a plan! I'll bring the two blow-up beds, one can bunk with me, we'll kick Geo out & what fun we'll have. Pick up a sandwich, head for the beach, swim our hearts out and be silly. Yes, Aim I will pedicure my feet in the sand- best deal ever, I can pick up shells too. Thanks to my three girls I am so happy, happy, happy to be a mother= best job ever! Hardest...... but best. Thank you for the tribute Aim :)

larajanepark said...

Wow, there''s just no topping that beautiful tribute! Ditto is what I say! Best Mama EVER!!! xoxoxxo Happy Mother's Day!