Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mothers Day tribute #3......my middle baby.

Erin Estella Call
made me a mama for the third time
on a sunny Saturday morning in November.

She was the smallest of my babies, weighing in at just over 6 pounds.
I called her my bird baby.
She had this perfect head and body.....
with the longest, leanest legs, arms, fingers, and toes.
She looked like a darling little bird.
Fuzzy blonde hair.
Barely said a peep.
pretty sure she was saving her voice up for future use

How very thankful I am that you arrived safe and sound
into our family. Alexa was sooo happy to have her very own, live baby.
Spencer thought it was great when he tipped you out of your bouncy chair
and you didn't even make a fuss. You were and continue to be such a
happy girl. The littlest things made you happy then and continue to make you happy now. 
Sitting outside on a sunny day.
Playing in the sprinklers. Chasing "bwirdies" at the park. 

Your determined personality erupted when you were about one and a half.
You used your voice in full swing. If your mind was made up there was NO changing it!
Your spirited personality and strong spirit has driven your life for good.
You are amazing at making right choices and doing those things
that will bless your life and the lives of those around you.
You are bold in your convictions and not afraid to tell others what you think
about such things as drinking, drugs, etc..
You are true and valiant.

You are so spunky and full of wit. You have the best come-backs and the best
sense of humor. You make us laugh daily. You are definitely not a morning person! 
You and Spenc have the funniest conversations at night. Sometimes Dad and I lay
in bed at night listening to the two of you while we laugh our heads off. I guess when your 
brother heads out on his mission in two weeks that you'll have to continue those funny
late night chats with Gracie!

 I love you so much Erin! Thank you for all that you have taught me. You have taught
me to love everyone all the time, to be more patient, to love the little things in life and 
to not worry what anyone thinks of me! You are amazing! Thank you for making me a mama the third time around. I love you F O R E V E R ! ! ! 
love always,


larajanepark said...

Beautiful! Thats our Erin Estella! xoxox

Cindy Sharkey said...

I am a third child too, aren't we great? Yes Aim, you were blessed with this baby bird.